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Millions of people worldwide face pelvic health challenges. Intimate Rose creates a safe, supportive space for all, emphasizing that sharing and awareness can inspire hope and break taboos. Every story matters—yours can uplift and encourage others on their journey to live their best life. Share, inspire, and join us in making a difference.

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You are not alone!

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Intimate Rose Products


These Dilators Worked Magic!

I have not been able to have sex since a botched endometriosis surgery three years ago, which resulted in residual inflammation. I tried everything and nothing worked. I started pelvic floor physical therapy and she recommended these dilators and within two weeks I was able to have sex again!! There must be some magic or something in these dilators because they worked magic! I am forever grateful for them! 10/10 recommended!!"

Intimate Rose Products

Cassie McDonald Ross

These products empower my patients to be independent

”Intimate Rose products have really assisted me in helping my patients with self-management of their conditions. From vaginismus to endometriosis to overprotective muscle fibers in postpartum - the use of these products has assisted my patients in needing me less and feeling more confident in their ability to manage their condition independently. I can't say enough about how these products are helping me in my practice and my patients.”

Intimate Rose Products

Helen Strange, PT

These products help patients progress faster

”As a pelvic floor physical therapist, I experience patients coming with all different kinds of pelvic floor dysfunctions. My primary case load consists of women with endometriosis, fibroids, extensive cysts, vaginismus, vulvodynia, dyspareunia, post-menopausal symptoms, and much more. Since I started working in Women’s Health, I was trying to find a product to help my women have independence with their therapy to give them more autonomy and sense that they themselves could make a change. When I found Intimate Rose, I was sold. The most common products used in my clinic are the dilators and the pelvic wands (of all 3 types sold). Each product feels smooth and gentle to the vaginal tissue so that it feels comfortable and calming to the patients. I have always said that dilator or wand therapy should be a “positive” experience, and just with the feel of the dilators, it seems more positive and calming. Some of my women have tried other dilator products before that were made of plastic, where they would have difficulty due to the hard nature of the material. Once they started using the Intimate Rose brand, they would be shocked at how comfortable they were and they were able to progress faster. It seemed like the musculature would relax more with the silicone-based dilator versus the plastic based. Overall, this has improved my patients’ confidence, peace and self-efficacy that they can heal whether they are newlywed and unable to have intercourse, had pelvic pain for 30 years, entered menopause, or recently post-surgical for endometrial excision surgery. Intimate Rose has helped change the lives of countless women and I am so happy to be able to recommend their products.”


Kathy P.

This important information changes lives!

“I was born with Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome which means I have a shorter than “normal” vagina length. Width is not an issue. Depth is. When I started dilating following diagnosis, the thought of trying to achieve 16cm in length looked very daunting, if not impossible and was therefore very demotivating. Also, at that time, there was also a lot of misinformation around what a vagina should accommodate regarding length. I started out with a vagina of 5cm, and though I have more than doubled that length, I struggled to achieve more than 11 to 12 cm. I questioned whether I could or should persevere. Dr. Amanda’s advice gave me the confidence to continue. Also, her AIS video is excellent and really gets the information across in an understanding and practical way. I wish I could have seen such a video when I was searching for this information early on! In any case she has made very clear to me, and now others, what no one else has regarding how to achieve the next cm - and the next. Well done and thank you so very much. This important information changes lives!”

Painful Sex for 3-4 Years


Using Intimate Rose Dilators on Recommendation of My Physical Therapist

”I am a 22 year old young woman and I have been experiencing painful intercourse for the past 3-4 years. For the first few years I assumed it was because I was in a long-distance relationship, so my significant other and I only had sex every other month/every few months and it was new to me. When we moved in together, the pain continued even though the sex was more frequent and with less time in between, and I realized this was not normal and that I had to do something about it. My OBGYN suggested physical therapy.“ ”After my first few months of PT and not really having any improvement my physical therapist suggested I try vaginal dilators and sent me to the Intimate Rose website. Although I still experience some discomfort/pain during sex, I have come a long way from when I started. We still do not know why I experience the pain and discomfort (no previous medical issues/no surgeries/no emotional or physical trauma) I am confident the products I’ve purchased from Intimate Rose will help me get to a point where I can finally enjoy intimacy.”

Intimate Rose Products

A. B.

Using the vibrating wand cured tailbone pain that was ruining my life

"If someone would have told me 15 years ago that sliding down the stairs on your butt, or the constant bouncing of riding a horse or wave runner, or a horrific fall to your tailbone, or developing an eating disorder or even just being very active and rough on your body would cause a pelvic floor disorder, I would have done things very differently. I slowly developed a severely tightened and out of line pelvic floor, and it made me miserable. I silently suffered with stomach pains, bloating, and constipation that only got worse over the years. I think my stomach issues were the reason I developed a bad relationship with food that almost killed me and it all went downhill from there. I am only 26, but more than half my life has been spent with horrific stomach pains and constipations leaving me not wanting to do anything, and going to more doctors than I can count to try to figure out what was wrong. I was told I wasn't eating the right food so I lost 100 pounds and stopped eating, then it was that I wasn't eating enough, then that I needed to get my gut healthy, or a holistic doctor that told me I had something stuck in my stomach. I had numerous blood test, ultra sounds and x-rays, a colonoscopy, but nothing besides IBS-C was diagnosed. I refused to live my life how I was because at one point it got so bad, I quit my job because of the pain and suffering and lost my will to live. I tried yoga, and relaxing, and medicine, and "a gut cleanse", some weird holistic medications and so much more, but it wasn't until I was 24 that I found the right doctor and got the right diagnosis. Immediately, I had the right tests, and saw the right doctors to finally start getting answers. I have a pelvic floor disorder. I began physical therapy which changed my life, but it wasn't enough because my muscles were so tense and so messed up I needed more. That is where the pelvic wand came in. It took me a while to have the courage to order it, but I finally did. I did a lot of my own research, really learned my body, and it changed my life. I honestly believe it was what relaxed my muscles and kept them relaxed which is something that we could not achieve in physical therapy. I used the wand everyday in different ways, but after almost 2.5 years of having the right diagnosis, I can honestly say the difference is like night and day, and I can actually live my life. I was in physical therapy for 2 years, but I used the pelvic vibrating wand everyday for a few months both relaxing and training, and I am almost cured. I am not totally normal, but that will come with time. I am no longer in PT, but use the pelvic wand weekly to maintain my work. I do not think I would be almost cured without it. The pelvic wand takes practice and knowledge, but where there is a will, there is a way."

Intimate Rose Products


Vaginal Scar Tissue Tamed!

"At the age of 15, my appendix burst and I was hours from death. So the infection destroyed my female parts and I needed a few bowel resections. From that point it was a snowball effect of 17 different abdominal surgeries. About 2013 I discovered physical therapy, myo facial release treatment which changed my life. The adhesions are in my vagina and I have had not vaginal sex in 9 years. The thought of putting anything in there was a complete mental block. My partner and I just used the 1st set. It was very comfortable. I was impressed that I found that I need to buy the larger set. I can't explain how happy I am!! Thank you intimate rose 🌹"

Intimate Rose Vibrating Wand

Maria C

Vibrating Wand Gave Me My Life Back

”I’m a chronic autoimmune illness warrior who suffers from severe pelvic pain as a result of my condition. Using the intimate rose vibrating wand has given me my life back. I’m able to use it before exercise to increase range of motion in my hip joints. I use it prior to intercourse to avoid pain with penetration and orgasm. There’s a link between a health sexual life and positive mental health and Intimate Rose is an integral part of my treatment program.”

Intimate Rose Products


Wand and Pelvic PT for PCOS

"Back in 2019 at the age of 22 I got diagnosed w/ PCOS. I was overweight for my early 20’s & struggled w/ not wanting to take care of my health, 1yr later I was scrolling through Facebook & Instagram I found an account that could help me w/ my PCOS issues. From August of 2020 until September 2021 I made lots of progress of getting to feel better from all the things this disease can do to you. I lost around 60lbs from eating healthy, exercising, & taking supplements that can help w/ PCOS. I decided to try out running in March of this year I would get terrible pain from doing a slow jog. I then gave pelvic floor physical therapy a try in late May. I’ve been seeing a lot of great progress w/ PT, I have found the pelvic wand easy to use thus far. It has targeted tender areas that have caused me pain. I hiked 8.4 miles in rough terrain & didn’t have pelvic pain."

Intimate Rose Products

Gail O’Neill PFPT

We consistently and exclusively recommend Intimate Roses’ wide arrange of products to our patients

"Pelvic Health Solutions is a private practice solely dedicated to treating pelvic floor dysfunction. We consistently and exclusively recommend Intimate Roses’ wide arrange of products to our patients. We have compared many other brands and feel that their products are superior. The silicone dilators are smooth and feel like natural tissue. The wand tools are all dual purpose with Vaginal and Rectal use all in one as well as 3 variations with which to choose...Our patients have also commented on the ease of ordering as well as prompt delivery."

Intimate Rose Products

Erika Z.

Working with a PFPT and pelvic wand has been life-changing.

”My PFD was caused by internal damage from severe child abuse in a European orphanage. I also live with Dissociative Identity Disorder. Working with a Pelvic Floor PT has been life-changing. I want to tell others like myself that PFPT are unique and special people who are safe.”