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We greatly respect and value your unique situation, and Dr. Amanda understands the emotions, challenges, and goals women have in their pelvic health recovery journey. Regardless of what stage of that journey you are in, we would like to hear from you. She herself has experienced them, and continues to each week with her patients.


    Really Good Quality

    “have so far had a great experience with this product. They are comfortable, easy to use, and of really good quality which it’s very important to me as something I use with my body and for my health. The seller is also very involved with the process and in helping with the use of the product. They are available for questions and concerns with the product.”


    No More Leaking!

    I don’t usually get excited about a product, but this exerciser works! After one week of use, I no longer have to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, something I have had to do every single night for the past 15 years. Additionally, when I jog, urine does not leak out as it often does. I am buying more for my friends and family. Would highly recommend for any women who would like better bladder control and tightening.


    Step by Step Instructions

    Great product!! It comes with step by step instructions and the packaging for storage is awesome. They also provide you with a small drawstring bag for traveling. I started about a week ago and I can already tell the difference. MUST TRY!!!

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