About Dr. Amanda Olson

Amanda Olson, DPT, PRPC
President & Chief Clinical Officer


Dr. Amanda Olson is a dedicated and passionate physical therapist specializing in the treatment of pelvic floor disorders. Her areas of expertise include urinary and bowel incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, pre and post-partum issues, endometriosis, MRKH, AIS, pelvic implications in runners, and oncology-related issues.


Dr. Olson earned her Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from Regis University in 2008 and has since accumulated extensive and diverse clinical experience. Additionally, she holds advanced certification as a pelvic floor practitioner (CAPP-PF) from the American Physical Therapy Association and the Herman and Wallace Pelvic Institute (PRPC).


  • Clinical and exercise professional opinion on designing a postpartum return-to-running training programme: an international Delphi study and consensus statement. British Journal of Sports Medicine (2024).
  • Clinical and exercise professional opinion of return-to-running readiness after childbirth: an international Delphi study and consensus statement. British Journal of Sports Medicine (2023).
  • Clinical Commentary: A 4 Phase Approach for Postpartum Return to Running. Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy (April 2022).
  • Published Book Author: Restoring The Pelvic Floor for Women.

    Experience & Philosophy

    As the President and Chief Clinical Officer at Intimate Rose, Dr. Olson is committed to enhancing global health. This commitment is born from her own personal pelvic health journey as a patient. The mission of Intimate Rose is to provide exceptional care and quality products to women, ensuring their health and well-being. The compassionate and skilled team at Intimate Rose delivers unparalleled services, leading to life-changing results for their patients.

    For new customers, Intimate Rose shares your goals and is dedicated to helping you achieve your best health. It provides tailored exercise programs and recommendations to ensure you receive the maximum benefit from their products.

    Other Places to Find Amanda

    • Author & Instructor: Pelvic Floor Implications in the Running Athlete (Live course, American Physical Therapy Association, Academy of Pelvic Health - 15 hours).
    • Author & Instructor: Evidence-Based Dilator Use in Pelvic Rehabilitation (American Physical Therapy Association APHPT): Course Link.
    • Author & Instructor: Evidence-Based Use of Vaginal Weights for Underactive Pelvic Floor Muscle Dysfunction: Course Link (1 hour), (2 hours @ Smart Education).
    • Author & Instructor: Introduction to Pelvic Health Evaluation and Treatment for Physical and Occupational Therapists (Live - 16 hours).
    • Author & Instructor: Pelvic Floor & Hip Complex: The role of the pelvic floor in rehabilitation of Proximal Hamstring, FAI and IT Band Friction Syndrome (1 hour).
    • Author & Instructor: Management of Patients with Endometriosis (1 hour).
    • Author: An Overview of Hip and Knee Rehabilitation (Elite Continuing Education, 2014): Course Link.
    • Author: Common Injuries and Therapy Management for Runners (Elite Continuing Education, 2016): Course Link.
    • Author: The Use of Pilates in Physical Therapy (Elite Education, 2014): Course Link.
    • Author: Evidence-Based Treatment of the Pregnant Patient: Course Link.
    • Teaching Assistant: Herman & Wallace Pelvic Institute (Live courses, 2018-Present).

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