The Intimate Rose Mission

Intimate Rose has created solutions for women’s health because we want women to feel their very best. From our Kegel Exercise System to our Women’s Health Probiotic Supplement, we have thoughtfully created products to improve quality of life for all women. Our best selling Kegel weights are one of a kind and covered in smooth body safe silicone, and have provided women with the confidence to chase their children, run marathons, and enjoy laughter filled retirement without embarrassing bladder leakage or pelvic prolapse issues. Our Women’s Health Probiotic helps to establish healthy balance in the gut and and boosts immunity while improving bladder and vaginal health.

We believe that caring, compassionate customer service is the perfect complement to an outstanding product. We strive to provide answers to our customers, no matter what the question is. We have furthered our mission to improve the health of women worldwide by creating a Pelvic Health Network, in order to match our customers with outstanding pelvic health providers in their area if they require more one on one care.

We are proud that our Kegel Exercise System is best-selling among all bladder control products, and recently won the Mom’s Choice Award for health products. We take great pride and tremendous joy in the success stories of our clients, and we promise to work hard each day to ensure that our customers have the tools and support to meet their individual goals and physically be their best self.


The Intimate Rose Team

Aaron Wilt
Founder and CEO

Intimate Rose was born out of a need to help women who struggle silently.

We help women with who have sensitive issues, and it's my job to find solutions for our customers. We do this through expert advice, high quality products, detailed training guides, and exceptional customer service.

When you contact us, I personally guarantee you will receive compassionate customer service and we will do everything possible to ensure you get the help you need, whether it's from us or for a referral to one of our partners in our Pelvic Health Network.

Amanda Olson, DPT, PRPC Recommends Intimate Rose Vaginal WeightsAmanda Olson, DPT, PRPC
Chief Creative Officer
I am a dedicated and passionate physical therapist specializing in treatment of pelvic floor disorders including incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, and pregnancy related issues.  I earned my doctorate degree in 2008, and I have 9 years of diverse clinical experience. Additionally, I am certified as an advanced pelvic floor practitioner (CAPP-PF) by the American Physical Therapy Association and the Herman and Wallace Pelvic Institute (PRPC).

I am excited to partner with Intimate Rose in our common mission to improve the health of women worldwide. The quality of the Kegel Exercise Weights as well as the vision and compassion of the staff have provided me with an outstanding product to recommend to my patients. I've seen my patients receive an unparalleled and consistent experience with Intimate Rose that has provided them life changing results.

For customers newly introduced to the brand, know that your goals are our goals. We want you to feel your very best, and we will work with you to see those goals through, including providing exercise programs and recommendations to ensure that you are getting exactly what you need from the product.

Mary Ann Nolasco
Customer Support Manager

I have worked in the Customer Service industry since 2004 and in many fast paced environments where customer satisfaction is extremely important.

I joined Intimate Rose because I'm passionate about helping women resolve their issues in a timely and caring manner.  We help women every day who suffer from difficult and personal situations. My team and I will do everything we can to help you quickly and discreetly.

My motto is: "If there's a will there's a way, I have a lot of will so I always find ways!"