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Over 40 million women in the US alone struggle with sensitive pelvic health issues, and Intimate Rose provides a safe communal environment that supports those women at every stage of their journeys. We understand every women and every situation is unique but sometimes it helps to hear other women’s stories and know there is hope. We believe the more we know and share, the easier it will be to nurture a more open conversation about women’s health issues that are natural, common, and correctable. It is time to conquer the taboo, shed the shame, and realize like millions of others, you deserve to live your best life. Share your own story and inspire millions of others.

NEW SHARE - Intimate Rose Dilators
Excited to relax my pelvic floor

“6 years ago, I had a prolapsed bladder and rectum. I underwent the required surgery to repair both and they implanted mesh. I figured I would heal okay as I had a similar surgery when I was 26 (prolapsed uterus and rectum) so I thought I knew what to expect. Following the six week recovery time, it was time to resume sexual activity with my husband. It was so painful. Not at all what I expected. My doctors told me it was due to menopause. I tried to "stretch" myself but could never get past the pain. I am now 60 and my sex life is non-existent with my husband (of 36 years). He is so concerned about hurting me that it makes it hard for him to perform. My doctor has me in Pelvic floor physical therapy and they introduced me to dilators. We have just started working with them and so far so good. I apparently have a lot of scar tissue from the surgeries that contributes to my problem. I am excited to relax my pelvic floor enough to resume intimacy with my husband.”

NEW SHARE - Dilators and Vibrating Pelvic Wand
Im eternally grateful for the dilators and the help you gave!

“I’d like to share my story with you as your website and products have greatly improved my quality of life. I was referred to your work by my pelvic floor therapist who diagnosed me with muscle spasms. I had been in great pain for almost a year after surviving a rape. I was terrified that I would never feel whole again. My therapist and I discussed other relevant medical history and there’s a chance I was predisposed to pelvic floor problems having been a competitive figure skater and ballerina for years of my childhood and adolescence. The combination of these factors as well as growing up in a household where being intimate was seen as shameful all contributed to my condition. Pelvic floor therapy as well as the exercises that I can do at home, be it stretching or using the dilators and vibrating pelvic wand, have allowed me to live life to the fullest. I never thought this day would come. Thank you to you and your team as well as all healthcare professionals working in this field. I’m eternally grateful.”

NEW SHARE - Dilators sizes 1-4
I'm 100% certain to recommend this product treatment approach to others!

“I had struggled with pain in my lower region for a long time - even simple gyno visits were extremely painful for me, and intercourse was absolutely impossible. I was certain I had vaginismus, although I wasn’t able to get a confirmed diagnosis. Once I started using the dilator sets, I instantly noticed a difference in not only how my pelvic muscles reacted to insertion, but in my confidence as well. It was a great way to slowly and safely train my muscles and I quickly found myself able to transition painlessly to each size in the coming weeks. After training myself on level 4, I was finally able to experience intercourse without any issue, and I have a newfound sense of confidence going into my next gynecologist appointment. I can’t thank the developers of this product enough for what it has done for me. I am 100% certain to recommend this treatment to anyone else who has had similar struggles. Thank you!!”

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Share Your Story
NEW SHARE - Dilator Set with lubricant and pelvic wand
Amazing dilators and helpful videos!

“I've struggled with vaginal pain since the first time I tried to use a tampon and couldn't remove it myself because I could not relax enough to do so. Since then, I've avoided using tampons and during my first pap smear I was in such pain and was so tense that my gynecologist could not get a good sample. Recently, I have been having incontinence with exercise, irregular periods and pain in my lower abdomen. I began seeing a physical therapist for this and as we worked on pelvic floor exercises, she recommended I try using dilators, with these ones from Intimate Rose being one possibility that she mentioned. I am so glad that she mentioned these over the plastic ones that are available elsewhere. The silicon is so much more comfortable than what I would imagine the plastic to be. I don't know that I would have been able to work myself up to using them had they not been as soft and smooth as these are. I started with the smallest size and was extremely nervous to do so. But after only a week of use, I felt ready to move on to the next one. In less than six weeks, I have been able to move up to the 3rd one, and have gained so much peace of mind and no longer fear using a tampon. What's more, I was also recommended to have a transvaginal ultrasound done to look at my ovaries because of my the symptoms I had been having. I know that without having used these dilators beforehand, such a procedure would have at the very least been excruciating, if not impossible. These dilators are amazing, and I have really appreciated the how-to videos on the site to help me with the process of using them.”

NEW SHARE - Vaginal Dilators/Trainers & Velvet Rose Lubricant
Thank God He brought us to Intimate Rose!

“When my husband and I were married almost three months ago, it didn't take long to find out that we couldn't have intercourse. This was devastating to me. I knew that wasn't all to life and marriage, but as a woman that had decided to save that for my husband, I had looked forward to sharing something so special and intimate with him, something that could eventually create life in God's timing. But that hope was dashed. Not only could we not have penetrative sex, but I also couldn't insert ANYTHING into my vagina. It hurt too much every time I tried. Thankfully my husband stood strong beside me from day one of this discovery, but I was so confused and angry and crushed, wondering why my body would be this way. I didn't understand. I thought my body was messed up, flawed, broken beyond repair. I went through a season of depression, feeling like I would never be healed and trying to move on and pretend like that part of life was nonexistent. I knew there were other ways to conceive as well, but none of them seemed so special as truly being one with my husband. I cried often and prayed and struggled with a bitterness toward God. But He still helped me to hold onto hope. Then one day as I was doing some research, I came across the Intimate Rose website where I discovered vaginal dilators. I had no idea such a product existed, and after looking into how they worked and researching other brands, I knew that if I was going to try this, it was going to be with Intimate Rose. My husband and I talked it over and prayed about it and decided to move forward with it. My dilators arrived in only a couple days and I was very impressed with the quality of them! Just as was claimed by the site, they were silky smooth and decently pliable. I was nervous about such a journey, but excited and encouraged and ready to reach our goals one step at a time, in God's time. We still have a long way to go, but thank God He brought us to Intimate Rose! We've certainly come far from where we were.”

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I'm glad I have someone who supports me

“I’m 19 years old and I began to suspect I had Vaginismus when I was 18. I had just bought a sex toy and for some reason I couldn’t get it inside of me. It felt like this wall I just couldn’t get through. I had never had issues before. I had had several sexual experiences where my partner was able to insert their finger(s) inside of me with no pain at all. After I graduated High School when I was nearly 19 I had my first chance to lose my virginity. It was extremely painful and uncomfortable and I couldn’t seem to relax. I did more research and went to see my Gynecologist. I knew I had Vaginismus long before then. I recently bought the Intimate Rose dilators and have been dilating for a few weeks now. My boyfriend is very supportive and puts no pressure on me. This has been very stressful for me but I’m glad I have someone who supports me.”


“Your products have been a perfect outlet for my patients and I have had nothing but positive results/reviews. Thank you for providing such wonderful products for this patient population.”

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Good sex for me was when I managed not to cry during it...I now have a wonderful sex life due to Intimate Rose!

“Suffering from extreme vaginal tightness has been a topic that has dominated my life since I was a teen. I am in my mid-twenties now. I first became aware of my condition as a teen starting to use tampons. They were so uncomfortable for me to use. At the time, I assumed I was using them wrong or using the wrong ones. Even "slender" tampons were very difficult for me to use. I faced more challenges a year or two later when I had my first pelvic exam. I don't think any girl finds her first exam to be "fun," but mine was an utter disaster. Even the brief exam that I received was terribly painful and ended with me in tears. By this time I had generally given up on using tampons and just suffered through my annual exam. In college, when I tried sex for the first time, guess what? It was horrible for me! The pain and discomfort I had experienced using tampons and while at the gynecologist were magnified ten fold during sex. It was nearly impossible for me, never enjoyable, and could never last long. My girlfriends would talk about having orgasms during sex. But, "good sex" for me was when I managed not to cry during it. Several years later when I met the man that is now my husband I started to learn more about my condition and treatment for it. My gynecologist at the time recommended dilator therapy and I tried Intimate Rose products. It was difficult at first. But, over time, I was able to comfortably use larger and larger dilators to the point were sex was no longer painful and even enjoyable. My husband and I now have a wonderful sex life due to Intimate Rose! Thank you!”


“I have been fortunate to treat patients with pelvic floor dysfunction for several years, and I have seen many products come on the market. The Intimate Rose products continue to be at the forefront. The attractive coloring of these medical products brings ease to a patient. The dilators, pelvic wand, and vaginal weights have a velvety smooth texture, and the vibrating pelvic wand is one of a kind. I continue to be impressed with Dr. Olson’s patient-friendly website. If you are a pelvic floor practitioner, the Intimate Rose line is one to become familiar with.”

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“Hi, I never knew this type of problem existed until it happened to me! I woke up to this horrible pain, it felt like I was in labor the pain was so bad. I went to the emergency room and there was nothing they could, I had to make an appointment with a gynecologist, at age 67 I was not sure what was going on. I saw him he said had pelvic organ prolapse and I would have to see a Kegel specialist. Wow! I use to do those when I was sexually active and I am no longer active I thought how will that help. I went and with only four visits the pain stopped and I. got relief. I do not want to go through that again, so I decided to keep this from returning. I ordered the Kegel weights and will keep that part of my body in shape! Thanks for this time to tell my story, and I am excited to receive my weights.”

I no longer settled to the "thats the way it is mentality"

“I developed weak pelvic floor muscles after giving birth to 3 kids and approaching age 40. I purchased the Kegel pelvic floor exercise weights. I liked how easy to understand which weight to use based by color. And the weights were more of tactile cue on if my pelvic floor was getting stronger. My routine was after waking up and using the bathroom, I would insert the weight and use my timer in my phone for 15 mins., continuing my morning routine. I have been using Dr. Amanda’s Kegel exercise video, which help when I feel the weight slipping out. After the 3rd week using the weights on the 3rd weight, I was tempted to test out my muscles and jumped on the trampoline with my kids. I was so surprised that I didn’t leak at all! I no longer settled to the, “that’s the way it is” mentality. I’m still a work in progress and will continue to use all the weights. Yet I’m already overly-joyed at how these weights have helped me.”

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Share Your Story
No more ache!

“Last year I had a cystocele repaired and a bladder lift. A year later I could feel an aching pressure. I knew my pelvic floor was so weak.The weights helped me to know when I was getting the right muscles to work. When I first tried it and it popped right out I thought I was a lost cause! So I went right to your site and found your video on doing the floor exercise with the weight in. It took a couple weeks before I could keep the first weight in but I'm so glad I'm starting to feel improvement! no more ache and the bulging has subsided!”

Great Success

“Thank you for a well researched and usable product. After a rough vaginal delivery of my nearly 11lb baby 24 years ago, I thought i was doomed to urinary urgency, leakage, weak abdominal muscles, and split abdominal rectus muscles. I could never jump or run without worry, and locating a bathroom was my travel priority. My gyn referred me to PT for pelvic floor and core exercises. She introduced me to your product. I've had great success and hopeful i can resume my running or jogging soon. Thanks again.”

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Thanks to the probiotic I'm already noticing a huge change in my bowel health!

“Hi, I'm a pelvic health PT and I decided to try one of the products that I've been recommending for such a long time. Thanks to the Probiotic for women, I'm already noticing a huge change in my bowel health. I've always had constipation and am constantly working to stay regular with my diet, exercise, and bowel massage. It helps with my gas and bloating, with my first menstrual cycle since taking this supplement, I noticed much less gas. My stool is already softer, which means it comes out without straining. I was hoping to see if it would help my vulvar pH, as I notice an occasional vinegar smell from time to time, and still waiting for that to change. All in all, I'm really liking this product.”

After years of struggle, pain free intercourse!

“I have dealt with vaginismus for what seems like my whole life. I couldn’t wear a tampon until I was 20, got married at 22 and could not have intercourse. A PA at my gynecologist’s office recommended physical therapy. I went for several months and the PT recommended a set of dilators. I used those at home but could never progress to the largest size or achieve penetration for sex. It was discouraging and painful so I set it aside for years, but recently felt like I was ready to tackle it again. I purchased the large set of dilators last month and quickly worked up to the size 8. I was concerned because my husband is still bigger than the largest dilator. I watched the videos with breathing and relaxing techniques and did the clock stretching. We were able to not only have penetrative intercourse this week but it was pain-free!!! So we did it again the next day lol. Thank you so, so much.”

5 Stars for Lubricant and Wand

“I am giving the pelvic wand 5 stars. It is easy to use and effective with regular use. Amanda’s instructional videos were helpful in teaching me how to use it . I have noticed a definite improvement as a result of using it every night . I am also giving the Intimate Rose lubricant 5 stars. It IS thin but it does provide enough lubrication to make the wand slide in easily. It doesn’t cause irritation or an allergic reaction like the Slippery Stuff I previously tried to use . Please do not change the formulation. Those of us with sensitivity issues need this product in order to use the wand successfully.”

Intimate Rose is all I could ask for my patients

“My name is Andrea and I am a pelvic floor therapist in Central Pennsylvania with a clientele that ranges from pediatrics, athletes, women, and men. All of the products I have recommended for my patients (i.e. dilators, wands, etc) have been loved by my patients! Nothing brings me greater happiness than hearing how my patients are improving with their home exercise programs, and how those home exercise programs, using the equipment, has translated into improved quality of life. Decreased pain. Increased sexual performance. Feeling in control in an otherwise uncontrollable situation. Independence. All of the things I could ever want for the people I get to work with. I keep your pamphlets and samples of your products in my office and have them ready to go when a need arises! Thank you for your products and your support!”

I love Intimate Rose for my patients

“I have been a pelvic floor PT for many years. And I love the products from Intimate Rose! The material and design of the products are the most compatible with the internal pelvic floor muscles. My patients have been very happy with the pelvic wand and vaginal dilators. They are well made, gentle, and non-intimidating. I find this so helpful when recommending home treatments for my patients.”

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Understanding Vaginismus Through Film + Resources
"Tightly Wound follows my journey from when I started my period and realized I couldn’t use a tampon. It chronicles the various doctors I saw and treatments I tried, the ways I hid my secret. I delve into my unsuccessful attempts at dating and explore what it means to be a virgin in today’s society.""
About Shelby Hadden
Shelby Hadden Shelby Hadden is a writer, producer, and filmmaker. Her films have screened at festivals around the world. Her latest work has focused on raising awareness of pelvic floor dysfunction and chronic pelvic pain.
Learn more
Find Relief
If you are struggling with Vaginismus or any other form pelvic pain or tightness, watch Dr. Amanda’s video on support for vaginal pain. The Intimate Rose Pelvic Health Network can also help connect you to a pelvic Physical Therapist in your area that provides local support.
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We no longer toss away our retirement earning on feminine prescriptions.

“I'm middle 60's yrs. old. Have gone through menopause. I've been dealing with vaginal dryness & lack of intimate desire for my loving husband. We've shared a loving relationship of 47 yrs. of marriage. Vaginal discomfort was always on my mind during our intimacy. My gyn had prescribed suppository tablets which made me itch intensely - so she prescribed a cream, & that was worse than the suppository! I came across Intimate Rose on the internet, was intrigued by the name, very modest, proper, & respectful. So I opened up the site. I read EVERYTHING!! I purchased their Flora Bloom, Velvet Rose Lubricant, Boric Balance Vaginal Suppositories. These ladies know what they are doing!! I've felt relief from my dryness & itching day #2 on Intimate Rose products. The Velvet Rose lubricant has a delicate soft scent, very peaceful & very much comfortable! I don't complain & neither does my hubby. It's the perfect balance! We no longer are tossing away our retirement earnings on feminine prescriptions that gave me negative side affects. Thank you so much Intimate Rose, and may God continue to bless you all with wisdom in your profession! A Happy Married Couple.”

I needed help

“After giving birth to 3 large babies and having 2 organs prolapse, I needed help to restore my pelvic floor. I’ve been going to PT for pelvic floor work for several months. It’s going OK, but after I started using the kegel weights, I started making better progress. With the weight inserted, you get feedback on how your muscles are doing. When I had some questions about using the weights, beyond the thorough description that comes with them, I sent an email to the company. The response was quick and helpful. All around, I’m pleased that I bought the Kegel Exercise System weights and am happy to be using this product.”

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This important information changes lives!

“I was born with Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome which means I have a shorter than “normal” vagina length. Width is not an issue. Depth is. When I started dilating following diagnosis, the thought of trying to achieve 16cm in length looked very daunting, if not impossible and was therefore very demotivating. Also, at that time, there was also a lot of misinformation around what a vagina should accommodate regarding length. I started out with a vagina of 5cm, and though I have more than doubled that length, I struggled to achieve more than 11 to 12 cm. I questioned whether I could or should persevere. Dr. Amanda’s advice gave me the confidence to continue. Also, her AIS video is excellent and really gets the information across in an understanding and practical way. I wish I could have seen such a video when I was searching for this information early on! In any case she has made very clear to me, and now others, what no one else has regarding how to achieve the next cm - and the next. Well done and thank you so very much. This important information changes lives!”

Only a Few Minutes a Day Makes a HUGE Difference

“I have been thinking about getting Kegel’s for a while now as I’m getting older and wanted to avoid any “issues” like surgery down the road! I searched quite a bit and these Kegel’s from Intimate Rose seemed like the best ones around. They are excellent quality and there’s a graduation on the weights so any woman can find what would work for her. They are also BPA free, which was important to me. It took a bit to get used to, but I’ve found that the more I did it the easier it got. Only a few minutes a day makes a HUGE difference. Also very easy to follow directions! For anyone thinking that this might be a good idea for them...just get them! You won’t be disappointed. Love this product, thank you!”

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I Hope It Will Work for You as it Did for Me

“These weights are simply amazing! I’ve been suffering from loss of tightness for a while now and I had no where to turn. Too ashamed to ask (not the kind of thing that my family and friends talk about), and I was so embarrassed by it that I avoided relationships all together after my last one. No more dating until I can find a fix, I said to my self. I wasn’t feeling much anyway because it was so wide and I could tell he wasn’t feeling it either. One day, I came across this after searching extensively online for a solution and I ordered it after reading all the reviews (I am one of those people who only buy things with lots of good reviews and I try to read them all). I never write reviews on the other hand, but this has helped me so much when I thought that there was no solution out there except surgery. And if there is someone out there in my situation, please give this a try. I hope it will work for you as it did for me.”

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Intimate Rose Dilators Made Sex Possible For Me
Grateful For Taking The First Step!

Before I met my husband, I had never had anything in my vagina. No tampons, not even a finger! I was raised in a very conservative, religious home, and was brought up to feel like it was dirty and wrong(even though I now understand it’s really not). So, I basically went from not having anything in my vagina, to going straight to a size 8 dilator... Yeah... I was very very tight to say the least. The experience was extremely painful for me, and my husband told me I was so tight it was even hurting him to try and go in. We worked for months and months on our own to try and find better positions, different lubricants, anything and everything that could possibly help with the pain, but it never really got much better.

After 9 months of painful intercourse, I finally decided to go to my primary care doctor; even though it was terrifying and embarrassing for me, she was kind understanding and it was an amazing first step in my journey! From there I was referred to a pelvic floor physical therapist, and she recommended the intimate rose dilators. We then discovered that (at that moment in time) I was not able to consciously relax my pelvic floor muscles, and that I had scar tissue on the top of my vagina! (I’m only 20 and I’ve never had kids! We think it was from that first sexual experience- go figure!)

Since then, we’ve moved from normal kegel exercises on my back, to kegels while sitting up, and now we’re at kegels using the dilators, while slowly moving up the numbers! I went from my pain being an 8-9 (on a scale of 1-10) every time with intercourse, to now being only a 1-2 in a matter of months, and during this whole experience, I can honestly say the scariest part for me was that initial step of going to the doctor!

I’m doing so much better now, and I’m so grateful I made that first step!

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No Sex for 4 Years
I Only Wish I Had Found Intimate Rose & Process Sooner

After menopause I began to have pain with intercourse. Lubricants weren’t helping. Initially I tried going on hormones which worked at first but then the pain returned after about a year. Also while on hormones I ended up having to have a breast biopsy which was negative and a DNC to remove a fibroma from my uterus so being on hormones wasn’t good for me anyway. After doing some research I spent several thousand dollars on a Mona Lisa touch which is a laser treatment to restore the vaginal tissue to a more youthful state. While this probably improved my tissues it didn’t get rid of the pain.

My gynecologist suggested physical therapy which she said was some breathing exercises. I thought you’ve got to be kidding, breathing isn’t going to get rid of my pain. I had already spent several thousand on Mona Lisa touch, I’m not about to spend a bunch on breathing exercises. Then after about 3 years of not being able to have intercourse my primary care doctor suggested physical therapy as well. She didn’t know much about it either but gave me the business card of a pelvic health physical therapist that I could call and find out more.

I put off calling her for about six months and when I finally did I was very intrigued with what she had to say. It does involve breathing to help you relax the muscles but then she helps to stretch the muscles along with using dilators to progressively stretch them at home. The treatment wasn’t completely pain free but it wasn’t bad at all. You start off small and gradually move up in size with the dilators until you reach your goal. I also used the vibrating wand to help increase blood flow to that area. It took me about 3 months of daily dilator use at home and seeing my pelvic health physical therapist one a week to achieve my goals.

I’m happy to say that I’m now having pain free sex for the first time in four years. The intimate rose dilators and wands are by far the best on the market. Others are hard plastic materials which aren’t flexible at all. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I only wish I had found out about them and the process sooner. It’s a shame not more physicians are aware of what pelvic health physical therapy actually is and when you search the web under painful sex it’s all about taking hormones. I hope my story will help others.

No Period For 6 Months
Finally Feeling Better with Intimate Rose

I always knew that there was something different about me. I got my first period when I was 12, then on, it didn't seem to come very often, or sometimes ever. Getting older I realized that I was having bursts of rage, depression, cystic acne, and irregular periods.

After arguing with several doctors about extreme pains in my lower abdomen, I got testing done. They finally agreed and told me I had PCOS. They didn't believe that I had anything wrong with me because I didn't have any problems on the surface.

My ovaries were filled with little Pearl's. After being officially diagnosed I started seeing black hairs growing on my chin, neck, chest and inner thighs. They shoved medication on me including birth control, spironolactone and metformin. I took a year and decided I needed to try something more natural, I don't like taking prescribed medications especially knowing those medications can have serious side effects!

I found intimate Rose on the website and tried to give it a try considering it had all the ingredients I needed to help with pcos. I have been taking it for a month now, and I'm excited and thrilled to see the results.

After no period for 6 months, I got my period naturally while taking this supplement with exercise.

“Thank you for a great product!”.

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I am Pregnant and Using Intimate Rose Prenatal Multivitamin
As a Pelvic Health PT, I Recommend Intimate Rose Products to My Patients

As a pelvic health PT, I LOVE intimate rose’s products and recommend them to my patients whenever I think they may help. I love the shape and material of the pelvic wand more than any other product I’ve come across and the vaginal weights are both cute as well as incredibly useful. I’m also pregnant, and I actually took Intimate Rose’s prenatals before conception and still now through pregnancy. I’m a big fan

Intimate Rose Flora Bloom Probiotic Did the Magic!
Finally Something That Does What Is Says

I was searching the web one day for a solution to my not so fresh smell and discharge I've tried so many home remedies but nothing worked until I came across Intimate Rose Flora Bloom probiotic, I was leary to order as I thought there was no help for me and this was something I just had to deal with, I decided to order and I received my product within days I have taken the supplement for 1 week now and I see a difference NO more odor or discharge it's like a miracle.

I will be ordering another bottle asap and the fact I got 50% off the next bottle is a bonus. I will be trying their other products as well. “FINALLY SOMETHING THAT DOES WHAT IS SAYS. AMEN!”

Share Your Story
Share Your Story
The Quality and Material of Intimate Rose Dilators Made the Difference
Thank you for making such an amazing product!

I've been meaning to send you an email with a recent patient's reaction to the Intimate Rose dilator set. My patient had previously been advised to purchase another dilator set and was using it as prescribed, but having difficulty with progression. I discussed how different the Intimate Rose dilators were than any other set I knew, and she decided to purchase the full set.

The first time she used them, she sent me a message thanking me profusely for recommending them, as she had not realized what a difference the quality and material of the dilator can make in comfort. She is now progressing well with her dilators, with a renewed sense of hope of reaching her goal of having intercourse with her husband.

Helping people reach their goals is why we do what we do, and hearing her find that hope again was the highlight of my day! Thank you for making such an amazing product!

Painful Sex for 3-4 Years
Using Intimate Rose Dilators on Recommendation of My Physical Therapist

”I am a 22 year old young woman and I have been experiencing painful intercourse for the past 3-4 years. For the first few years I assumed it was because I was in a long-distance relationship, so my significant other and I only had sex every other month/every few months and it was new to me. When we moved in together, the pain continued even though the sex was more frequent and with less time in between, and I realized this was not normal and that I had to do something about it. My OBGYN suggested physical therapy.“

”After my first few months of PT and not really having any improvement my physical therapist suggested I try vaginal dilators and sent me to the Intimate Rose website. Although I still experience some discomfort/pain during sex, I have come a long way from when I started. We still do not know why I experience the pain and discomfort (no previous medical issues/no surgeries/no emotional or physical trauma) I am confident the products I’ve purchased from Intimate Rose will help me get to a point where I can finally enjoy intimacy.”

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I was Unable to Have Sex
Intimate Rose Dilators - My First Recommendation for Anyone Going Through the Same Situation

”I was a 22 year old virgin and I expected discomfort the first time I tried to have sex, but I was experiencing actual pain and fear to continue the process. I was unable to have sex because my partners penis would not insert without me being on the verge of tears. I almost felt embarrassed because I didn’t realize how common this may be. I reached out to my OBGYN and explained to her my situation- she then recommended vaginal dilators.“

”I was on a hunt for the best ones and I immediately went to amazon where I found intimate rose, but they only had the small and the large package (which I didn’t feel would be right for me) so I searched google and found the actual website for these products! I made my purchase right away and was surprised by how fast my package was delivered. These products changed my life for the better. The website did as well- with all the tips and advice Dr. Amanda provided. (Also, a water based lube will make all the difference, ladies!) I went through all the sizes within a timely matter and then tried to have sex again.”

”I’m not fully where I need to be but my partner can now insert his penis without pain. I’m unable to describe my gratitude for this product and my experience. Thank you so much and this would be my first recommendation for anyone going through the same situation or even anything remotely similar.”

My patients and I are Loving Intimate Rose
Thank you for Making Such High Quality Products

My patients and I are loving your products! I have a lady that is having really good results with the Kegel Weight System and several of my patients LOVE the Velvet Rose personal lubricant. One lady has been having pain with intercourse for years and in 3 visits this was 90% resolved with pelvic floor therapy and the right kind of lubricant!

Also, since using the myo-inositol & D-chiro inositol supplement, I have been able to wean off of the antidepressant medications that I was taking for postpartum depression. This is AMAZING! I truly feel that it helps level out my “stressful/overwhelming thoughts and triggers.”

”I really appreciate you making such high quality products for a variety of needs. Keep up the good work!”

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My Patients Love Kegel Weights
Easy to Use, Clean, & Store

”My patients are especially loving the vaginal weight set. It has been a game changer for active women who just need that extra load on the pelvic floor to train for higher level activities. They are easy to use, clean, and store when not in use. Both my patients and I like that as the weight increases the size of the weight that gets inserted does not increase, maintaining comfort with dynamic movement performance.”

Share Your Story
Share Your Story
I had Vaginismus
Intimate Rose Dilators Changed My Life

My experience with intimate dilators changed my life. I had never used tampons my whole life, when I was 18 I tried having sex but couldn’t because it hurt with even slight insertion. I let it be and tried again 2 months ago (21 years old). I waited because religious reasons always made me feel guilty about it. However, I've been in an amazing serious relationship and I thought it was a good time. It hurt. So bad. I lost my self-esteem, I thought I wasn’t like other women, that my boyfriend would be disappointed in me and I was disappointed with myself too. As I did my research, I was pretty sure I had Vaginismus. It was evident because I did have a slight fear of penetration and anxiety. I went to see a gynecologist for the first time in my life to make sure. Even a FINGER hurt and made me feel so uncomfortable.

The doctor suggested me to use dilators so I went home and ordered a small set. The smallest one went in easily, and I progressed slowly to the third one where ONLY the insertion felt uncomfortable as if my vagina was close shut. After I inserted, I never felt any pain whatsoever. Once I was almost comfortable with the small set, I decided to have sex. And it was great!!! The beginning hurt a LITTLE, like pressure. After a couple minutes I was completely relaxed (thanks to my man) and it slid in!! Even though his size was much much bigger, probably size 7-8 of the large dilators. After that, my Vaginismus just vanished. I ordered a couple bigger sizes to use them and keep my body used to the idea of penetration.

This whole process took less than a MONTH. Dr Amanda’s videos and the dilators helped me through this problem which I thought I’d never be able to fix. Vaginismus is real but it can be cured!! My confidence went way up and I feel so empowered that my body is capable of so much. Anyone going through this problem can email me and I will always help out.

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Intimate Rose Pelvic Wand
I Love Intimate Rose for my Patients

”As a pelvic health PT, I’m always looking for new ways to help my patients continue their rehab journeys at home between clinic visits. For patients with pain or dysfunction related to muscle tightness, I really love the Intimate Rose Pelvic Wand: its silicon covering makes it softer and more friendly feeling than other pelvic wands on the market, and I like that it has different widths on each end to accommodate patients who may not be able to tolerate a wider wand. I’ve found that the pelvic wand really empowers patients and helps them make comfortable progress on their own schedules.”

Intimate Rose Dilators
For the first time in a long time I have hope:

”I finally met my last gynaecologist who had previously specialized in endometriosis surgery, and she took my pain seriously, and did my second surgery where much scar tissue was found and I was diagnosed with endometriosis. After this I began to experience problems with my bladder as well and went to see another OB/GYN who specializes in complex pelvic pain - this was the first place dilators were recommended to me. It was a difficult journey at first as it can be with vaginismus, adhesions, and vestibulodynia. I thought my progress was slow, but through the silicone made and gentle Intimate Rose dilators.... I must say that the comfort level in using dilators and doing the work associated with restoring health (and happiness) to my pelvic floor, I feel more hopeful now. I am doing my exercises daily using the beautifully coloured and packaged dilators in the medium pack and will continue to let you know of my progress.”

Intimate Rose Products
Superior quality to other brands:

”I am so impressed with the quality of your product. Our clinic had received a sample of dilators from a different company and yours blows them away. From the packaging, additional handle for easier access, quality and even there is a remarkable difference! Thank you for making the produce and customer service experience great!”

Intimate Rose Products
I Love Recommending Intimate Rose

”I love everything I've seen from Intimate Rose! Each item is beautiful and feels good to the touch. They are well packaged and give thorough instructions which is lovely to supplement the education I provide my patients. I love recommending them! Thanks for a fantastic product!”

Intimate Rose Vibrating Wand
Vibrating Wand Gave Me My Life Back

”I’m a chronic autoimmune illness warrior who suffers from severe pelvic pain as a result of my condition. Using the intimate rose vibrating wand has given me my life back. I’m able to use it before exercise to increase range of motion in my hip joints. I use it prior to intercourse to avoid pain with penetration and orgasm. There’s a link between a health sexual life and positive mental health and Intimate Rose is an integral part of my treatment program.”

Intimate Rose Products
Products for patients who deserve the best

”Intimaterose products have been an excellent compliment to the clinical care that many people desperately deserve. Products are designed to accommodate a diverse population. I am grateful for all the work that has been done to make these products available and affordable.”

Intimate Rose Products
These products empower my patients to be independent

”Intimate Rose products have really assisted me in helping my patients with self-management of their conditions. From vaginismus to endometriosis to overprotective muscle fibers in postpartum - the use of these products has assisted my patients in needing me less and feeling more confident in their ability to manage their condition independently. I can't say enough about how these products are helping me in my practice and my patients.”

Intimate Rose Products
Intimate Rose has changed the standard

”I've been practicing pelvic health PT for nearly a decade and for years I've been hoping for products that address vaginal microbiome dysfunction (dysbiosis) and support vaginal tissue health overall. Additionally, I was recommending one brand for vaginal wands and dilators and the quality left much to be desired. Intimate Rose has changed the standard and lifted patient's expectations when it comes to pelvic health tools. I love recommending them in my practice.”

Intimate Rose Products
These products help patients progress faster

”As a pelvic floor physical therapist, I experience patients coming with all different kinds of pelvic floor dysfunctions. My primary case load consists of women with endometriosis, fibroids, extensive cysts, vaginismus, vulvodynia, dyspareunia, post-menopausal symptoms, and much more. Since I started working in Women’s Health, I was trying to find a product to help my women have independence with their therapy to give them more autonomy and sense that they themselves could make a change. When I found Intimate Rose, I was sold. The most common products used in my clinic are the dilators and the pelvic wands (of all 3 types sold). Each product feels smooth and gentle to the vaginal tissue so that it feels comfortable and calming to the patients. I have always said that dilator or wand therapy should be a “positive” experience, and just with the feel of the dilators, it seems more positive and calming. Some of my women have tried other dilator products before that were made of plastic, where they would have difficulty due to the hard nature of the material. Once they started using the Intimate Rose brand, they would be shocked at how comfortable they were and they were able to progress faster. It seemed like the musculature would relax more with the silicone-based dilator versus the plastic based. Overall, this has improved my patients’ confidence, peace and self-efficacy that they can heal whether they are newlywed and unable to have intercourse, had pelvic pain for 30 years, entered menopause, or recently post-surgical for endometrial excision surgery. Intimate Rose has helped change the lives of countless women and I am so happy to be able to recommend their products.”

Intimate Rose Products
I wonder how I would have healed without them!

”I am happy to say I discovered Intimate Rose on the internet. Their products fill a niche that is hard to find and they provide privacy in purchasing. Furthermore the items I used helped me and I feel good about getting better, and I wonder how I would have without them. Thank you!”

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Share Your Story
Really Good Quality

“have so far had a great experience with this product. They are comfortable, easy to use, and of really good quality which it’s very important to me as something I use with my body and for my health. The seller is also very involved with the process and in helping with the use of the product. They are available for questions and concerns with the product.”

No More Leaking!

I don’t usually get excited about a product, but this exerciser works! After one week of use, I no longer have to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, something I have had to do every single night for the past 15 years. Additionally, when I jog, urine does not leak out as it often does. I am buying more for my friends and family. Would highly recommend for any women who would like better bladder control and tightening.

Step by Step Instructions

Great product!! It comes with step by step instructions and the packaging for storage is awesome. They also provide you with a small drawstring bag for traveling. I started about a week ago and I can already tell the difference. MUST TRY!!!

I am Noticing a Difference

“These work very well. I am noticing a difference. I am 50 years old and I am gradually working up to heavier weights. I love this product and highly recommend it. My OB-GYN is happy that I am using weights instead of trying kegels on my own without weights.”

Physical Therapist and Mother of 3

“As a physical therapist, I have found these weights to be so helpful. I love the quality and the ability to progress my patient’s treatment program as they are able. As a mother of 3 (vaginal births 8lbs.2oz, 8lbs.13 oz and 10lbs.6oz.) girls, I have had some issues over the years and have done my kegel exercises like everyone else. As a pelvic floor practitioner the weight training brings the strengthening to a whole new level. I highly recommend this weight system both personally and professionally.

Just 15 minutes a Day

“These weights got me back to how I was before kids! No more incontinence issues either. I had tried a few other types, which are shaped like a ball, and they didn’t work for me. These tool just 15 minutes a day, and within a month I saw a noticeable positive change. I recommend them for anyone who wants to feel more like they did before having kids.”

Finally, Something That Worked

“I had a recurring Bv for about 6 months. I went to the clinic, to the gynecologist, and was given treatments in the form of gels and pills. But It wasn't until I tried Intimate Rose's Boric Acid that I finally got rid of the discomfort and discharge caused by BV. By day 7 of its use, my vagina felt, smelled and even looked healthy. There were no side effects during or after its use. I can finally, confidently, enjoy sex with my partner. I am super thankful.”

Pain Free Intercourse in 6 PT Sessions

“After years of not being sexually active because of pain during inter course, my female patient returned to pain free intercourse in 6 PT sessions by specialized treatment of pelvic health PT and guided progression of vaginal dilators as home exercise program. Thank you.”

Primary Vaginismus
Got New Life With IntimateRose

“I've been using the dilators for a few weeks now and I'm making great progress. The dilators are soft and not as scary as I was expecting them to be. Intimate Rose and Dr. Amanda have really given me a new lease on my romantic life, and a new found confidence in my body. ”

IntimateRose Products Quality
Dilators I Received are Just Awesome

“I've received a few other samples of dilators from a few other companies but the samples you sent are actually my favorite ones so far! They look like they'll be awesome for patients. Thank you so much for all the sample products! ”

Dilators for Vaginismus
I'm reclaiming my sexuality

“Vaginismus is not something people talk about. I felt so ashamed for not be able to do what most people take for granted (have penetrating sex) and thought there was something wrong with, that I was a lost cause.

But there is hope. I'm using the dilators and along with a pelvic floor physiotherapist, I'm reclaiming my sexuality. ”

Intimate Rose Dilators Are Smooth & Silky
Premium Quality Dilators

“They are by far my absolute favorite products! Job well done getting them so smooth and silky!”

Intimate Rose Products Are Outstanding
Soft and Colorful

“The quality of the products is outstanding and I really love how soft they are and the colors! They are so approachable and not intimidating at all. Thank you again! I will be recommending these for all my patients who need dilators or a pelvic wand.”

Dilators Made My Intimate Life Easier
Thank you for Excellent Dilators & Video Guides

“Post menopause, I started needing lubricant for intercourse. After experiencing a burning sensation, I started backing away from having sex with my husband. I learned later that the new off the shelf lube was part of the problem. Unfortunately however, it started a pattern. Add a few years and increased dryness, frequency was almost shut down. A couple of weeks ago, my mild mannered husband blew up and I knew it was time to find a solution, fast.”

“After a bit of research, I decided that dilators and some time would probably help. Not clear about what size I needed, I got the full set with lube. One week ago they arrived and I ended up starting with the largest in the small box. The video guides helped a lot. In daily 5-7 minute sessions I was able to pinpoint what was causing my pain. It wasn't size exactly, but more specific sensitive spots just inside the opening. Over the next several days I went up 2 sizes. As I "practiced" I began to understand my needs. Now, just one week later on our 10th anniversary morning I ditched the practice and went live with my husband. Happy to say, everything worked for both of us. ”

“And now I have a trusted tool to keep me from getting stuck again. Thank you for an excellent product and great follow up with your video training support went straight to my email.”

Intimate Rose Kegel Weights
A Game Changer For Active Women

My patients are especially loving the vaginal weight set. It has been a game changer for active women who just need that extra load on the pelvic floor to train for higher level activities. They are easy to use, clean, and store when not in use. Both my patients and I like that as the weight increases the size of the weight that gets inserted does not increase, maintaining comfort with dynamic movement performance.

The Intimate Rose Products
Quality I trust for my patients

The intimate rose products are some of the best on the market! I recommend the dilators and wands the most to my patients when it is indicated. They have great customer service and support, and are quick to assist with any provider questions or requests. As a Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Women's Health Physical Therapy having quality products that are effective and very well priced for patients is important. Intimate rose has helped my practice because I trust these products and the use of them as a great way for my patients to continue our work at home.

Intimate Rose Products
Intimate Rose Empowers My Patients

"The intimate rose products are amazing. They are high quality silicone and FDA approved which gives the patient's even more confidence. The kegel weights, wands, and dilators really empower my patient's to be able to take treatment into their own hands both during and after their therapy journey. Before intimate rose products I felt very limited in what I could do in the clinic, but now to have multiple options and giving the patient's the power to pick and choose is huge!"

Intimate Rose Products
I love Intimate Rose's Dilator Handle

"I love Intimate Rose's Dilator Handle. It makes it so much easier to find a comfortable position and still be able to reach. "

Intimate Rose Products
I couldn't have a pelvic exam before Intimate Rose

"I am a 72 year old very healthy woman. My late husband had been seriously ill for many years and he and I had lost interest in sex. In fact, I had not had sex in over 20 years. A pelvic exam was painfully impossible. A few years after my husband passed away, I decided to date again and realized that people at my age are still very sexually active! The thought terrified me, but after discussion with my physician, she prescribed a light dose compound hormone to help with the tissue and I ordered the small vagina dilation set. I was very nervous at first but followed the advice given by Intimate Rose. After a three month period I am pleased to report that I experienced no pain while expanding the vagina and I am happily involved with a wonderful gentleman, am sexually active, and loving it! I would have never thought this was possible! I strongly recommend Intimate Rose."

Intimate Rose Products
Intimate Rose is a Lifesaver

"As a Physical Therapist who works in Pelvic Health, the Intimate Rose products have been a life-saver for many of my patients who struggled with incorporating self-management strategies outside of the clinic. Intimate Rose products help to bring the tools learned in the clinic home. A big THANK YOU to Dr. Amanda Olson and her team for being pioneers in Pelvic Health!"

Intimate Rose Products
Getting my life back!

"I am so beyond thrilled with my experience using these dilators! I did work with a pelvic floor therapist who was able to guide me in using them. We met 3x a week for a month and I am so happy to say I have made my way to the size dilator I had as my goal and for the first time in a year sex was not painful! I didn’t think this was possible. And after going through chemo this feels like the first “treatment” I’ve been involved in that has focused on helping me get my life back."

Intimate Rose Products
The wand gives me control over my own healing

"A trigger point in a small muscle inside my hip was only accessible through my vagina, so my pelvic floor physical therapist suggested I continue to use a therapeutic S Wand device to loosen up the muscles. I found the Intimate Rose pelvic wand to be effective and helpful. I had never before introduced any device into my pelvis, so the slim pelvic wand was not as threatening for me to try also considering the discomfort I was feeling from an injured ligament and tight muscles. Also, having the wand gives me control over my own healing and pelvic floor health."

Intimate Rose Products
Intimate Rose Improves Patient Care

"I have been a Pelvic floor DPT for almost 3 years out of a 10 year career. I have had patients purchase many items from Intimate Rose for a variety of diagnoses, including but not limited to vaginismus, dyspareunia, various urinary incontinences, pudendal neuralgia, etc. Among the many products we've utilized, the most common have been the different types of pelvic wands for both vaginal and rectal use, vaginal weights, dilators, and the organic feminine balm. I have been grateful to Intimate Rose for these products to improve my patient care and resources, and my patients are pleased as well!"

Intimate Rose Products
Absolutely recommend for any trans women

"I was 8 months post gender confirmation surgery when I started looking for more comfortable dilators. The large pack of dilators I ordered are exactly the same width as the classic purple, blue, green, orange set that was given for post op dilation. I'm not sure if the rigidity is important after the surgery, but eventually, with doctor's say so, you are allowed to count sex and sex toys as a dilation session. I'm at that point in my healing process, and the rose dilators are literally the best investment I've made. The difference in comfort is insane and they have made my dilating sessions a bit less of a chore to work through. Absolutely recommend for any trans women looking for a happier dilator set."

Intimate Rose Products
I highly recommend Intimate Rose

"The diversity of Intimate Rose products, quality of material used, and clear instructions given with each order is what makes Intimate Rose such a great recommendation to my patients. I would highly recommend Intimate Rose!"

So grateful for Intimate Rose
Intimate Rose products and videos extremely helpful

"When I switched from the gigging musician life to the 9 to 5 desk life at age 32, I never expected that my love life would take a dramatic turn. Sitting all day, five days a week tweaked something in my pelvic floor, which made penetration almost impossible. To make matters worse, I had to see three different gynecologists (and hear an array of horrifying things that might be wrong with me) until the last one suggested I go to pelvic floor physical therapy. The whole process was agonizing and isolating (seriously, gynecologists, do better!). My physical therapists had to fight my insurance company repeatedly to cover the sessions and in the end I didn't get as much therapy as I needed. That's why I'm so grateful for companies like Intimate Rose, who make it possible for private consumers to access the necessary tools for the long road to recovery, as well as showing those of us with pelvic floor injuries that we are not alone!"

Intimate Rose Products
Intimate Rose products and videos extremely helpful

"I had pain with any vaginal entry and was recommended by my gyn to consider using vaginal dilators. I discovered The Intimate Rose website and am finding their products and supportive information and videos extremely helpful. Thank you."

So grateful for Intimate Rose
Intimate Rose products and videos extremely helpful

"My name is Stephanie Moss, I am writing to share with you my story and experience becoming diagnosed with endometriosis and high tone pelvic floor dysfunction. Since I experienced abdominal and pelvic pain since puberty, I have visited multiple physicians who were unable to properly diagnose me. My experience was a mix of medical gaslighting, misdiagnosis, and not taking me seriously for being a young Latina with no family support. It wasn't until I became a second year medical student that I acquired the knowledge and medical privilege of standing up for my needs and was able to get properly diagnosed through specialized medical care. My unique position as a medical student was a privilege that allowed me to advocate for myself in a way I had never had the confidence to do before.

My past involves a complex childhood trauma history and racial discrimination that prevented me from getting the resources and education to be previously diagnosed and cared for. Last Fall I was finally able to be properly diagnosed with Endometriosis through laparoscopic surgery. However, the surgery alone didn't fully answer my questions regarding my various abdominal and pelvic pain. This was when I was finally referred by a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician to pursue pelvic floor Physical therapy and use the subsequent use of the Intimate Rose Wand. The combination of work with my PT helped empower me to take control of my pain management by learning how to systematically target and relax hypertonic muscles that were causing me increased pain."

Intimate Rose Products
Endo symptoms finally on the right track

"Constipation, cramps, bloating. From GP to GI (who said IBS) to OB (who said it was normal). I couldn't have a BM without laxatives. Waking, my stomach felt bruised but looked normal. Every night, I looked 7 months pregnant. My insides felt tied in a knot and wrapped in barbed wire. I found an excision specialist who did surgery and found significant endometriosis covering my rectum. I had a hysterectomy. The cramping and bloating improved but I still couldn't have a normal BM. My PF therapist found that my sphincter muscle wasn't working. After manual stimulation, I was able to have a BM on my own for a couple days. Then it would stop again. She suggested I get the wand and do it on my own between visits. So far so good! There's a ways to go, but for the first time, I feel like I'm finally on the right path."

Intimate Rose Products
Vaginal Scar Tissue Tamed!

"At the age of 15, my appendix burst and I was hours from death. So the infection destroyed my female parts and I needed a few bowel resections. From that point it was a snowball effect of 17 different abdominal surgeries. About 2013 I discovered physical therapy, myo facial release treatment which changed my life. The adhesions are in my vagina and I have had not vaginal sex in 9 years. The thought of putting anything in there was a complete mental block. My partner and I just used the 1st set. It was very comfortable. I was impressed that I found that I need to buy the larger set. I can't explain how happy I am!! Thank you intimate rose 🌹"

Intimate Rose Products
"Intimate Rose Dilators & Wands Are the Best I have Seen

"I am a pelvic health physical therapist and I always recommend intimate rose dilators and/or the pelvic wand because of the superior quality of these products. The size range and texture of the dilators are the best I've seen"

Intimate Rose Products
Dilators were a game changer

"After menopause and three years of the Dr. telling me I just needed to use more lubrication to help with painful sex, she finally recommended a Physical Therapist and/or dilators. Game changer. Physical Therapy helped me to isolate and exercise the pelvic floor muscles allowing me to release the painful spasms that had hindered me. Dilators are very useful for stretching and helping to isolate those muscles. PT helped me to feel less isolated, the pain was not all in my head and the scar tissue and holding of tension in the pelvic floor could be dealt with."

Intimate Rose Products
So grateful for Videos, Dilators & Aloe!

"27f, pelvic pain when trying to insert anything into the vagina and mental distress when trying makes it worse. Intimate rose's products and videos have been a big help in giving me agency over my own health and I cannot tell you how grateful I am for this company. I am working with dilators, currently I can insert the smallest ad well as the vibrating pelvic wand due to it's narrowed end. I wish more dilators had narrower ends and slowly got larger as I find I cannot go from one dilator size to the other.

Also recently diagnosed with irritable bladder (which I assumed was a UTI) and am excited to try your aloe supplement and hope it brings some relief!"

Intimate Rose Products
Finally relief for Neurogenic Bladder!

"I had a brain tumor when I was 10 (in 1992) removed and followed with chemo and radiation. I've had neurogenic bladder symptoms ever since then, worsening now in my 30's and causing vaginal pain and dryness."

I take NSAIDS for it but have so many other prescriptions for my cancer I'd like to avoid more. I am SO glad I found Intimate, so grateful I finally have some answers and drug free products I didn't even know about. I'm still struggling but OMG ;) ... I'm finally getting some relief"

Intimate Rose Products
I am finally ready for sexual activity after cancer

"I was diagnosed with signet ring cell bladder cancer 10 years ago. My bladder, uterus, ovaries and a section of my vagina was removed and replaced with muscle removed from my stomach. I went 10 years believing that my vagina was inadequate for sex. A doctor mention dilators and I looked them up online and found Intimate Rose. I bought a variety of sizes, lubricant and cream. I have used the dilators for 3 weeks and went to see a pelvic specialist yesterday and he said they are working. He said to continue use for another month and we will talk again. I am finally normal for sexual activity. I wish I had found Intimate Rose sooner!🌹"

Intimate Rose Products
Using the vibrating wand cured tailbone pain that was ruining my life

"If someone would have told me 15 years ago that sliding down the stairs on your butt, or the constant bouncing of riding a horse or wave runner, or a horrific fall to your tailbone, or developing an eating disorder or even just being very active and rough on your body would cause a pelvic floor disorder, I would have done things very differently. I slowly developed a severely tightened and out of line pelvic floor, and it made me miserable. I silently suffered with stomach pains, bloating, and constipation that only got worse over the years. I think my stomach issues were the reason I developed a bad relationship with food that almost killed me and it all went downhill from there. I am only 26, but more than half my life has been spent with horrific stomach pains and constipations leaving me not wanting to do anything, and going to more doctors than I can count to try to figure out what was wrong. I was told I wasn't eating the right food so I lost 100 pounds and stopped eating, then it was that I wasn't eating enough, then that I needed to get my gut healthy, or a holistic doctor that told me I had something stuck in my stomach. I had numerous blood test, ultra sounds and x-rays, a colonoscopy, but nothing besides IBS-C was diagnosed. I refused to live my life how I was because at one point it got so bad, I quit my job because of the pain and suffering and lost my will to live. I tried yoga, and relaxing, and medications, and "a gut cleanse", some weird holistic medications and so much more, but it wasn't until I was 24 that I found the right doctor and got the right diagnosis. Immediately, I had the right tests, and saw the right doctors to finally start getting answers. I have a pelvic floor disorder. I began physical therapy which changed my life, but it wasn't enough because my muscles were so tense and so messed up I needed more. That is where the pelvic wand came in. It took me a while to have the courage to order it, but I finally did. I did a lot of my own research, really learned my body, and it changed my life. I honestly believe it was what relaxed my muscles and kept them relaxed which is something that we could not achieve in physical therapy. I used the wand everyday in different ways, but after almost 2.5 years of having the right diagnosis, I can honestly say the difference is like night and day, and I can actually live my life. I was in physical therapy for 2 years, but I used the pelvic vibrating wand everyday for a few months both relaxing and training, and I am almost cured. I am not totally normal, but that will come with time. I am no longer in PT, but use the pelvic wand weekly to maintain my work. I do not think I would be almost cured without it. The pelvic wand takes practice and knowledge, but where there is a will, there is a way."

Intimate Rose Products
We consistently and exclusively recommend Intimate Roses’ wide arrange of products to our patients

"Pelvic Health Solutions is a private practice solely dedicated to treating pelvic floor dysfunction. We consistently and exclusively recommend Intimate Roses’ wide arrange of products to our patients. We have compared many other brands and feel that their products are superior. The silicone dilators are smooth and feel like natural tissue. The wand tools are all dual purpose with Vaginal and Rectal use all in one as well as 3 variations with which to choose...Our patients have also commented on the ease of ordering as well as prompt delivery."

Intimate Rose Products
Thank you for Assisting Me on My Journey!

"In January of 2021, I experienced a change in my urgency to urinate. During the next six months I worsened. Along with the urgency, I developed pelvic discomfort and lower back pain. I sought help from a urologist. The urologist, a nice man with a waiting room filled with men and me! My appointment was urine test, a prescription for medicine to slow my urgency, and a return appointment. I sought a female urologist who finally gave me the help I needed. She sent me to a pelvic floor PT. After four months, my life was better. The PT’s recommendation of the Intimate Rose pelvic wand is how I became familiar with your company. I am currently doing my own pelvic floor therapy at home and seeing a PT for my back pain. I am finally better. I would like to emphasize that I am 68 years old. I had to have an open mind and a willingness to step outside my personal fears. I want to thank you, Dr. Amanda, and your company for assisting me on my journey to recovery."

Intimate Rose Products
Pelvic Wand for Men with Pelvic Pain

"My body was waking me up to pee many times during the night and then when I urinate only very little came out; I could not sleep. I was also having sharp pain in the penis and sometimes testicles every day. The area of the prostate was sometimes throbbing, additionally sometimes I had rectal and anal pain. Every morning early would wake up with an erection and a sensation in the penis that would not allow me to go back to sleep. My urologist suggested pelvic floor physical therapy and I went to the best and most caring practitioner that I have ever seen. Over a period of 2 months (I am still seeing her) she has been able to about 80% remove these symptoms from my life. I thank God for sending me to her, she has been a lifesaver. She recommended the pelvic wand to me to maintain my pelvic floor health at home. I use it to keep the pelvic floor muscles loose and release any spasm or tight muscle that develops."

Intimate Rose Products
Such an emotional relief to have a solution

"My scar tissue after giving birth was so sensitive I couldn't touch it, and sex was impossible for years. I'd gone through pelvic floor physical therapy a couple times but they didn't address the scarring, so I learned to kegel all the different ways but had painful sensitivity and impaired pelvic floor functionality. With a better physical therapist and these dilators, I've been able to slowly stretch and desensitize the scars. It took only 3 weeks of daily pulling/gliding with the dilator to relieve the sensitivity, and now I can massage what's left of the scar tissue. It's such an emotional relief to have a solution."

Intimate Rose Products
These Dilators Worked Magic!

I have not been able to have sex since a botched endometriosis surgery three years ago, which resulted in residual inflammation. I tried everything from steroid injections into the inflammation to medication and nothing worked. I started pelvic floor physical therapy and she recommended these dilators and within two weeks I was able to have sex again!! There must be some magic or something in these dilators because they worked magic! I am forever grateful for them! 10/10 recommended!!"

Intimate Rose Products
Healed PFD using Intimate Rose Wand

" went gluten free after being diagnosed with celiac disease. The abdominal pain, cramping, and bloating persisted, though my villi had healed. A gastroenterologist advised doing a bowel cleanse, diagnosed me with pelvic floor disfunction, and advised physical therapy. Who heard of 'pelvic floor disfunction,' anyway? Six months went by, and my colon was 'full' again. I did another bowel cleanse and agreed to visit a local physical therapist. My muscles were tight, and I needed to learn how to relax them. My PT recommended using the Pelvic Wand and Personal Lubricant from Intimate Rose. I'm proactive with my health, and was eager to help my body heal. I ordered the items suggested. When my box arrived, I was nervous, and put it in a drawer. I went back to the computer to watch more videos about the wand. The videos made me feel more confident, and began using my wand. These products have really helped me heal."

Intimate Rose Products
Soft Silicone is Important for My Patients

"I'm a Pelvic Health PT and I love Intimate Rose products! The soft silicone and ergonomic design makes them very comfortable to use, which is so important for patients who are already dealing with pain. It has been incredibly helpful for patients to be able to perform self-treatment at home so that they can maintain progress between sessions. Would highly recommend!"

Intimate Rose Products
Intimate Rose is Such a Great Company to Work With!

"Intimate Rose has been such a great company to work with. Their products are truly designed with women in mind, They are easy to use, well designed and have amazing quality products. I recommend them to all my Women's Health patients. Love having a great women owned company who truly cares about their customers."

Intimate Rose Products
The Pelvic Wand Has Eliminated My Pain

"I’m so happy to have found a pelvic floor therapist and one that recommended the pelvic wand. I have suffered for 30 years and went through rectocel and hysterectomy which was supposed to fix the pain. Awful surgery to recover from and was told I needed it again. Hence my search for an alternative "

Great news! The pelvic wand has completely eliminated my pain and if I sit to long it will once again relieve the pain.

I am so very thankful!

Intimate Rose Products
Intimate Rose Dilators are Changing the Game!

"I was referred to physical therapy by my OB/GYN provider for pelvic floor dysfunction which made intimacy with my partner painful. My doctor, DPT and I think a painful IUD insertion procedure traumatized my pelvic floor muscles and made them extremely guarded and tense. Pelvic floor dysfunction can be an uncomfortable problem to talk about and deal with. Intimate Rose is changing the game! My physical therapist recommended the pelvic wand and dilators...My life has been changed!"

I am so very thankful!

Intimate Rose Products
Patients make progress with Intimate Rose

"I have had multiple patient's able to make progress with the Intimate Rose vaginal dilators after failed attempts with using other similarly shaped plastic dilators. Pt's state the texture and feel of the Intimate Rose dilators made it more possible to insert."

Intimate Rose Products
Great correlation in overall success of patients and happiness!

"I have offered patient's the choice to use a variety of dilators and I have found a great correlation in overall success of patients and happiness with the use of Intimate Rose products. The patients report feeling very comfortable with the dilators smooth material and are more compliant with HEP due to the comfort. they also thoroughly enjoy using the pelvic wand for both internal trigger points as well as external tissue massage. I will continue to utilize Intimate Rose products as I have seen great success!"

Intimate Rose Products
The wand is my number one recommendation to patients

"I LOVE Intimate Rose products! As a new grad/pelvic floor therapist, Intimate Rose’s products and available information have been a game changer for me and my practice! Two products I recommend nearly all my patients purchase is their pelvic wand and the enchanted rose balm. The pelvic wand is always my number one recommendation for my patients, when patients are able to address their symptoms at home as well as in the clinic they make progress so much quicker and have the tools to maintain it after their time in therapy is over! AMAZING company with WONDERFUL customer service!"

Intimate Rose Products
I am finally beginning to live pain free

"I was suffering from pelvic pain for so long and didn't think it could change. Physical therapy and the help of intimate rose dilators I am finally beginning to live pain free. My husband and I are enjoying the improvement."

Intimate Rose Products
Wand and Pelvic PT for PCOS

"Back in 2019 at the age of 22 I got diagnosed w/ PCOS. I was overweight for my early 20’s & struggled w/ not wanting to take care of my health, 1yr later I was scrolling through Facebook & Instagram I found an account that could help me w/ my PCOS issues. From August of 2020 until September 2021 I made lots of progress of getting to feel better from all the things this disease can do to you. I lost around 60lbs from eating healthy, exercising, & taking supplements/medications that can help w/ PCOS. I decided to try out running in March of this year I would get terrible pain from doing a slow jog. I then gave pelvic floor physical therapy a try in late May. I’ve been seeing a lot of great progress w/ PT, I have found the pelvic wand easy to use thus far. It has targeted tender areas that have caused me pain. I hiked 8.4 miles in rough terrain & didn’t have pelvic pain."

Intimate Rose Products
I am grateful I did my research!

"Like someone said, "Use it or Lose it". The same can be said for a vagina. Not loose but tight, dry, uncomfortable & painful. I am grateful I did the research to come across Intimate Rose & Dr Amanda. I received my set of 8 on October 18th starting with 2~ I'm slowly awaking & expanding the inner most parts of myself. ~ I'm now @ a 5, ~ I'm being patient with myself No need to rush. I recently order the Enchanted Rose Organic Feminine Balm. All products videos are working for my Good. If an uninhibited conversation comes up, I will definitely be sharing Intimate Rose with my Sister-Friends. My Sex Partner can feel the difference making our moments more fun & special
Thank You <3"

Intimate Rose Products
Purchased Dilators after Menopause and Cancer

"I'm 61, divorce 3 years ago and haven't had much in the way of an intimacy. I went through menopause at the age of 50 but was having painful sex starting in my late 40's. At the age of 55, I was diagnosed with TNBC (Triple Negative Breast Cancer) for which I went through radiation and chemo (one of the worst cocktails). I have vaginal atrophy and in Oct 2022 had surgery to open my vaginal canal that collapse/closed on itself. I purchased the dilators hoping to return my vaginal to normal condition in the hopes that I will be able to enjoy being intimate once again"

Intimate Rose Products
Looking forward to being able to be with my special guy at 65

"I have been single for 4 years I turned 65 this year so we all know as we age so does our vagina. I have been dating a new guy for a little over a month and we are taking it slow… til last weekend we have so much chemistry and well one thing lead to another and the clothes were flying off. Lots of foreplay, plenty of wetness and we ended up wanted to make love only to finding I was too tight and he too large. Never would have thought I’d be in this situation. So come Monday first call to my GYN and then a order for my dilators. Looking forward to what I call my homework in hopes these dilators work to help loosening me up to be able to make love comfortably with my special guy 🙏"

Intimate Rose Products
I have been using the wand for 3 weeks and it is so worth it

"Hi and thank you for this platform. I haven't been sexual in over 10 years. I found that the pelvic vibrator is so very helpful. I actually look forward to using it at the end of the day. It took a couple of weeks to get to where I really feel comfortable and find that it IS relaxing the inside area. I still find it a little bit uncomfortable on the way out. Like I said that I so look forward to using it and eventually it will get me to where I need to be sexually. I have been using it for about 3 weeks and it is so worth it. Than you for having something like this to help women with sexual intimacy. I should be good to go (so to speak) in probably another 3-4 weeks or so. I will probably always use it because it is very comfortable while I watch"

Intimate Rose Products
I will continue this supplement and very grateful for it

"My story begins eight years ago with the term 'unexplained imfertiflity'. It took us many years to eventually get a diagnosis. One of them being insulin resistance, our diagnoses led us to intimate rose and myo-inositol supplement. After having tried the keyto diet, higher weight regimen, and fallimg into despair, I knew your supplement was helping when I saw my stomach flattening and mood improvimg. I still continue with this supplement and I'm very grateful for it."

Intimate Rose Products
I am still pain free after 18 months of using this system

"After menopause I experienced painful intercourse with my husband for ten years. It was diagnosed as secondary vaginismus. Each week during intercourse my perineum would tear just a little as my husband entered my vagina. It felt like a paper cut and fire at the same time. I would wait a week for it to heal and then repeat it again. When my husband didn't want to injure me and I didn't want to be injured anymore, we enlisted the help of a sex therapist couple who gave us a treatment plan. Part of the treatment was for me to use a vaginal cream to help heal the perineum and vaginal wall. They directed me to the "Enchanted Rose" vaginal balm from Intimate Rose. After about nine months of treatment with the balm, Kegels, and dilators I felt comfortable enough to engage in intercourse again. I am happy to report that there was no pain or perineum tearing! I am still pain free after 18 months using this system."

Intimate Rose Products
Urination gone, orgasms were more intense!

"I was frustrated in 2021 after my IUD removal. Good news, I no longer needed superplus tampons, switched to minis. Bad, my Tampons kept falling out! By 2022, I started having incontinence. When I laughed or coughed, involuntary urine loss was embarrassing. I had to wear maxipads, even when I wasn't menstruating. I saw a urologist. She got me into kegel exercises. It helped some. During my followup, she introduced me to the weights. They were comfy; I could keep the weight inside me, no one knew it was there; I did the exercises whenever I wanted. After 2 months, incontinence was gone. Last summer, I took a break from the weights, vaginoplasty; for 2 months, the only penetration allowed was dilators. Therapy lasted 2 months. The kit had 8, but I stopped at the 7th. During this time, involuntary urination started to come back. Once therapy was done, I went back to the weights. I still use #6. Another bennie, not only involuntary urination gone, my orgasms were more intense! A+ for IR! "

Intimate Rose Products
Life feels so much better!

"... I got connected to a pelvic floor specialist and PT. All of my fear and anxiety eased after discovering what HTPFD was. I’ve learned that being consistent helps immensely. The pelvic wand has done wonders and I have gone longer than ever without a flare up. PFD can feel incredibly isolating and I am so appreciative of the privilege to learn about my body and connect to a community of strong women who understand. It’s definitely hard work but it does help and life feels so much better!"

Intimate Rose Products
I’m so glad this was created!

"Child birth in 1994. Level 4 ripped and cut all the way through. I kept having incontinence issues for way too long. Cut to 5 years later after knowing something was wrong. It was confirmed by a doctor that I had an inch of scar tissue wear the muscle should be. See, after birth in the hospital, I went to adjust myself in bed and felt a rip and pain. I said to the nurse,”my stitches ripped!” Oh honey, you had a level 4, you just need time to heal. I knew they ripped but they said I was ok. It was the inner stitches that ripped open. So I get a rectal surgery 5 years later and those stitches ripped after surgery as well! I was then sent to the Cleveland Clinic for a third sew up. That took but I was as never normal again. I have a small rectocele, plus a muscle that is super tight on one side and weak on the other. I started pt therapy and I’m hoping with the wand I keep up with my own therapy. It’s been a long time coming. I’m so glad this was created."

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