Over 40 million women in the US alone struggle with sensitive pelvic health issues, and Intimate Rose provides a safe communal environment that supports those women at every stage of their journeys. We understand every women and every situation is unique but sometimes it helps to hear other women’s stories and know there is hope. We believe the more we know and share, the easier it will be to nurture a more open conversation about women’s health issues that are natural, common, and correctable. It is time to conquer the taboo, shed the shame, and realize like millions of others, you deserve to live your best life. Share your own story and inspire millions of others.


“Your products have been a perfect outlet for my patients and I have had nothing but positive results/reviews. Thank you for providing such wonderful products for this patient population.”

Good sex for me was when I managed not to cry during it...I now have a wonderful sex life due to Intimate Rose!

“Suffering from extreme vaginal tightness has been a topic that has dominated my life since I was a teen. I am in my mid-twenties now. I first became aware of my condition as a teen starting to use tampons. They were so uncomfortable for me to use. At the time, I assumed I was using them wrong or using the wrong ones. Even "slender" tampons were very difficult for me to use. I faced more challenges a year or two later when I had my first pelvic exam. I don't think any girl finds her first exam to be "fun," but mine was an utter disaster. Even the brief exam that I received was terribly painful and ended with me in tears. By this time I had generally given up on using tampons and just suffered through my annual exam. In college, when I tried sex for the first time, guess what? It was horrible for me! The pain and discomfort I had experienced using tampons and while at the gynecologist were magnified ten fold during sex. It was nearly impossible for me, never enjoyable, and could never last long. My girlfriends would talk about having orgasms during sex. But, "good sex" for me was when I managed not to cry during it. Several years later when I met the man that is now my husband I started to learn more about my condition and treatment for it. My gynecologist at the time recommended dilator therapy and I tried Intimate Rose products. It was difficult at first. But, over time, I was able to comfortably use larger and larger dilators to the point were sex was no longer painful and even enjoyable. My husband and I now have a wonderful sex life due to Intimate Rose! Thank you!”

Understanding Vaginismus Through Film + Resources
"Tightly Wound follows my journey from when I started my period and realized I couldn’t use a tampon. It chronicles the various doctors I saw and treatments I tried, the ways I hid my secret. I delve into my unsuccessful attempts at dating and explore what it means to be a virgin in today’s society.""
About Shelby Hadden
Shelby Hadden Shelby Hadden is a writer, producer, and filmmaker. Her films have screened at festivals around the world. Her latest work has focused on raising awareness of pelvic floor dysfunction and chronic pelvic pain.
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If you are struggling with Vaginismus or any other form pelvic pain or tightness, watch Dr. Amanda’s video on support for vaginal pain. The Intimate Rose Pelvic Health Network can also help connect you to a pelvic Physical Therapist in your area that provides local support.
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We no longer toss away our retirement earning on feminine prescriptions.

“I'm middle 60's yrs. old. Have gone through menopause. I've been dealing with vaginal dryness & lack of intimate desire for my loving husband. We've shared a loving relationship of 47 yrs. of marriage. Vaginal discomfort was always on my mind during our intimacy. My gyn had prescribed suppository tablets which made me itch intensely - so she prescribed a cream, & that was worse than the suppository! I came across Intimate Rose on the internet, was intrigued by the name, very modest, proper, & respectful. So I opened up the site. I read EVERYTHING!! I purchased their Flora Bloom, Velvet Rose Lubricant, Boric Balance Vaginal Suppositories. These ladies know what they are doing!! I've felt relief from my dryness & itching day #2 on Intimate Rose products. The Velvet Rose lubricant has a delicate soft scent, very peaceful & very much comfortable! I don't complain & neither does my hubby. It's the perfect balance! We no longer are tossing away our retirement earnings on feminine prescriptions that gave me negative side affects. Thank you so much Intimate Rose, and may God continue to bless you all with wisdom in your profession! A Happy Married Couple.”

I needed help

“After giving birth to 3 large babies and having 2 organs prolapse, I needed help to restore my pelvic floor. I’ve been going to PT for pelvic floor work for several months. It’s going OK, but after I started using the kegel weights, I started making better progress. With the weight inserted, you get feedback on how your muscles are doing. When I had some questions about using the weights, beyond the thorough description that comes with them, I sent an email to the company. The response was quick and helpful. All around, I’m pleased that I bought the Kegel Exercise System weights and am happy to be using this product.”

This important information changes lives!

“I was born with Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome which means I have a shorter than “normal” vagina length. Width is not an issue. Depth is. When I started dilating following diagnosis, the thought of trying to achieve 16cm in length looked very daunting, if not impossible and was therefore very demotivating. Also, at that time, there was also a lot of misinformation around what a vagina should accommodate regarding length. I started out with a vagina of 5cm, and though I have more than doubled that length, I struggled to achieve more than 11 to 12 cm. I questioned whether I could or should persevere. Dr. Amanda’s advice gave me the confidence to continue. Also, her AIS video is excellent and really gets the information across in an understanding and practical way. I wish I could have seen such a video when I was searching for this information early on! In any case she has made very clear to me, and now others, what no one else has regarding how to achieve the next cm - and the next. Well done and thank you so very much. This important information changes lives!”

Only a Few Minutes a Day Makes a HUGE Difference

“I have been thinking about getting Kegel’s for a while now as I’m getting older and wanted to avoid any “issues” like surgery down the road! I searched quite a bit and these Kegel’s from Intimate Rose seemed like the best ones around. They are excellent quality and there’s a graduation on the weights so any woman can find what would work for her. They are also BPA free, which was important to me. It took a bit to get used to, but I’ve found that the more I did it the easier it got. Only a few minutes a day makes a HUGE difference. Also very easy to follow directions! For anyone thinking that this might be a good idea for them...just get them! You won’t be disappointed. Love this product, thank you!”

I Hope It Will Work for You as it Did for Me

“These weights are simply amazing! I’ve been suffering from loss of tightness for a while now and I had no where to turn. Too ashamed to ask (not the kind of thing that my family and friends talk about), and I was so embarrassed by it that I avoided relationships all together after my last one. No more dating until I can find a fix, I said to my self. I wasn’t feeling much anyway because it was so wide and I could tell he wasn’t feeling it either. One day, I came across this after searching extensively online for a solution and I ordered it after reading all the reviews (I am one of those people who only buy things with lots of good reviews and I try to read them all). I never write reviews on the other hand, but this has helped me so much when I thought that there was no solution out there except surgery. And if there is someone out there in my situation, please give this a try. I hope it will work for you as it did for me.”

Intimate Rose Dilators Made Sex Possible For Me
Grateful For Taking The First Step!

Before I met my husband, I had never had anything in my vagina. No tampons, not even a finger! I was raised in a very conservative, religious home, and was brought up to feel like it was dirty and wrong(even though I now understand it’s really not). So, I basically went from not having anything in my vagina, to going straight to a size 8 dilator... Yeah... I was very very tight to say the least. The experience was extremely painful for me, and my husband told me I was so tight it was even hurting him to try and go in. We worked for months and months on our own to try and find better positions, different lubricants, anything and everything that could possibly help with the pain, but it never really got much better.

After 9 months of painful intercourse, I finally decided to go to my primary care doctor; even though it was terrifying and embarrassing for me, she was kind understanding and it was an amazing first step in my journey! From there I was referred to a pelvic floor physical therapist, and she recommended the intimate rose dilators. We then discovered that (at that moment in time) I was not able to consciously relax my pelvic floor muscles, and that I had scar tissue on the top of my vagina! (I’m only 20 and I’ve never had kids! We think it was from that first sexual experience- go figure!)

Since then, we’ve moved from normal kegel exercises on my back, to kegels while sitting up, and now we’re at kegels using the dilators, while slowly moving up the numbers! I went from my pain being an 8-9 (on a scale of 1-10) every time with intercourse, to now being only a 1-2 in a matter of months, and during this whole experience, I can honestly say the scariest part for me was that initial step of going to the doctor!

I’m doing so much better now, and I’m so grateful I made that first step!

No Sex for 4 Years
I Only Wish I Had Found Intimate Rose & Process Sooner

After menopause I began to have pain with intercourse. Lubricants weren’t helping. Initially I tried going on hormones which worked at first but then the pain returned after about a year. Also while on hormones I ended up having to have a breast biopsy which was negative and a DNC to remove a fibroma from my uterus so being on hormones wasn’t good for me anyway. After doing some research I spent several thousand dollars on a Mona Lisa touch which is a laser treatment to restore the vaginal tissue to a more youthful state. While this probably improved my tissues it didn’t get rid of the pain.

My gynecologist suggested physical therapy which she said was some breathing exercises. I thought you’ve got to be kidding, breathing isn’t going to get rid of my pain. I had already spent several thousand on Mona Lisa touch, I’m not about to spend a bunch on breathing exercises. Then after about 3 years of not being able to have intercourse my primary care doctor suggested physical therapy as well. She didn’t know much about it either but gave me the business card of a pelvic health physical therapist that I could call and find out more.

I put off calling her for about six months and when I finally did I was very intrigued with what she had to say. It does involve breathing to help you relax the muscles but then she helps to stretch the muscles along with using dilators to progressively stretch them at home. The treatment wasn’t completely pain free but it wasn’t bad at all. You start off small and gradually move up in size with the dilators until you reach your goal. I also used the vibrating wand to help increase blood flow to that area. It took me about 3 months of daily dilator use at home and seeing my pelvic health physical therapist one a week to achieve my goals.

I’m happy to say that I’m now having pain free sex for the first time in four years. The intimate rose dilators and wands are by far the best on the market. Others are hard plastic materials which aren’t flexible at all. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I only wish I had found out about them and the process sooner. It’s a shame not more physicians are aware of what pelvic health physical therapy actually is and when you search the web under painful sex it’s all about taking hormones. I hope my story will help others.

Really Good Quality

“have so far had a great experience with this product. They are comfortable, easy to use, and of really good quality which it’s very important to me as something I use with my body and for my health. The seller is also very involved with the process and in helping with the use of the product. They are available for questions and concerns with the product.”

No More Leaking!

I don’t usually get excited about a product, but this exerciser works! After one week of use, I no longer have to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, something I have had to do every single night for the past 15 years. Additionally, when I jog, urine does not leak out as it often does. I am buying more for my friends and family. Would highly recommend for any women who would like better bladder control and tightening.

Step by Step Instructions

Great product!! It comes with step by step instructions and the packaging for storage is awesome. They also provide you with a small drawstring bag for traveling. I started about a week ago and I can already tell the difference. MUST TRY!!!

I am Noticing a Difference

“These work very well. I am noticing a difference. I am 50 years old and I am gradually working up to heavier weights. I love this product and highly recommend it. My OB-GYN is happy that I am using weights instead of trying kegels on my own without weights.”

Physical Therapist and Mother of 3

“As a physical therapist, I have found these weights to be so helpful. I love the quality and the ability to progress my patient’s treatment program as they are able. As a mother of 3 (vaginal births 8lbs.2oz, 8lbs.13 oz and 10lbs.6oz.) girls, I have had some issues over the years and have done my kegel exercises like everyone else. As a pelvic floor practitioner the weight training brings the strengthening to a whole new level. I highly recommend this weight system both personally and professionally.

Just 15 minutes a Day

“These weights got me back to how I was before kids! No more incontinence issues either. I had tried a few other types, which are shaped like a ball, and they didn’t work for me. These tool just 15 minutes a day, and within a month I saw a noticeable positive change. I recommend them for anyone who wants to feel more like they did before having kids.”

Finally, Something That Worked

“I had a recurring Bv for about 6 months. I went to the clinic, to the gynecologist, and was given treatments in the form of gels and pills. But It wasn't until I tried Intimate Rose's Boric Acid that I finally got rid of the discomfort and discharge caused by BV. By day 7 of its use, my vagina felt, smelled and even looked healthy. There were no side effects during or after its use. I can finally, confidently, enjoy sex with my partner. I am super thankful.”

Pain Free Intercourse in 6 PT Sessions

“After years of not being sexually active because of pain during inter course, my female patient returned to pain free intercourse in 6 PT sessions by specialized treatment of pelvic health PT and guided progression of vaginal dilators as home exercise program. Thank you.”

Primary Vaginismus
Got New Life With IntimateRose

“I've been using the dilators for a few weeks now and I'm making great progress. The dilators are soft and not as scary as I was expecting them to be. Intimate Rose and Dr. Amanda have really given me a new lease on my romantic life, and a new found confidence in my body. ”

IntimateRose Products Quality
Dilators I Received are Just Awesome

“I've received a few other samples of dilators from a few other companies but the samples you sent are actually my favorite ones so far! They look like they'll be awesome for patients. Thank you so much for all the sample products! ”

Dilators for Vaginismus
I'm reclaiming my sexuality

“Vaginismus is not something people talk about. I felt so ashamed for not be able to do what most people take for granted (have penetrating sex) and thought there was something wrong with, that I was a lost cause.

But there is hope. I'm using the dilators and along with a pelvic floor physiotherapist, I'm reclaiming my sexuality. ”

Intimate Rose Dilators Are Smooth & Silky
Premium Quality Dilators

“They are by far my absolute favorite products! Job well done getting them so smooth and silky!”

Intimate Rose Products Are Outstanding
Soft and Colorful

“The quality of the products is outstanding and I really love how soft they are and the colors! They are so approachable and not intimidating at all. Thank you again! I will be recommending these for all my patients who need dilators or a pelvic wand.”

Dilators Made My Intimate Life Easier
Thank you for Excellent Dilators & Video Guides

“Post menopause, I started needing lubricant for intercourse. After experiencing a burning sensation, I started backing away from having sex with my husband. I learned later that the new off the shelf lube was part of the problem. Unfortunately however, it started a pattern. Add a few years and increased dryness, frequency was almost shut down. A couple of weeks ago, my mild mannered husband blew up and I knew it was time to find a solution, fast.”

“After a bit of research, I decided that dilators and some time would probably help. Not clear about what size I needed, I got the full set with lube. One week ago they arrived and I ended up starting with the largest in the small box. The video guides helped a lot. In daily 5-7 minute sessions I was able to pinpoint what was causing my pain. It wasn't size exactly, but more specific sensitive spots just inside the opening. Over the next several days I went up 2 sizes. As I "practiced" I began to understand my needs. Now, just one week later on our 10th anniversary morning I ditched the practice and went live with my husband. Happy to say, everything worked for both of us. ”

“And now I have a trusted tool to keep me from getting stuck again. Thank you for an excellent product and great follow up with your video training support went straight to my email.”

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Support the cause by taking a stand to speak out, and provide hope to millions of other women.

Even if you are not ready to share publicly, or want to share anonymously, you and your experiences are important. Dr. Amanda has gone through her own difficult pelvic health journey, and now wants to lend her ear and voice to those in need. Please share your story with her.