Over 40 million women in the US alone struggle with sensitive pelvic health issues, and Intimate Rose provides a safe communal environment that supports those women at every stage of their journeys. We understand every women and every situation is unique but sometimes it helps to hear other women’s stories and know there is hope.

We believe the more we know and share, the easier it will be to nurture a more open conversation about women’s health issues that are natural, common, and correctable. It is time to conquer the taboo, shed the shame, and realize like millions of others, you deserve to live your best life.

I needed help

“After giving birth to 3 large babies and having 2 organs prolapse, I needed help to restore my pelvic floor. I’ve been going to PT for pelvic floor work for several months. It’s going OK, but after I started using the kegel weights, I started making better progress. With the weight inserted, you get feedback on how your muscles are doing. When I had some questions about using the weights, beyond the thorough description that comes with them, I sent an email to the company. The response was quick and helpful. All around, I’m pleased that I bought the Kegel Exercise System weights and am happy to be using this product.”

Understanding Vaginismus with Shelby Hadden

“Tightly Wound follows my journey from when I started my period and realized I couldn’t use a tampon. It chronicles the various doctors I saw and treatments I tried, the ways I hid my secret. I delve into my unsuccessful attempts at dating and explore what it means to be a virgin in today’s society.”

Only a Few Minutes a Day Makes a HUGE Difference

“I have been thinking about getting Kegel’s for a while now as I’m getting older and wanted to avoid any “issues” like surgery down the road! I searched quite a bit and these Kegel’s from Intimate Rose seemed like the best ones around. They are excellent quality and there’s a graduation on the weights so any woman can find what would work for her. They are also BPA free, which was important to me. It took a bit to get used to, but I’ve found that the more I did it the easier it got. Only a few minutes a day makes a HUGE difference. Also very easy to follow directions! For anyone thinking that this might be a good idea for them...just get them! You won’t be disappointed. Love this product, thank you!”

I Hope It Will Work for You as it Did for Me

“These weights are simply amazing! I’ve been suffering from loss of tightness for a while now and I had no where to turn. Too ashamed to ask (not the kind of thing that my family and friends talk about), and I was so embarrassed by it that I avoided relationships all together after my last one. No more dating until I can find a fix, I said to my self. I wasn’t feeling much anyway because it was so wide and I could tell he wasn’t feeling it either. One day, I came across this after searching extensively online for a solution and I ordered it after reading all the reviews (I am one of those people who only buy things with lots of good reviews and I try to read them all). I never write reviews on the other hand, but this has helped me so much when I thought that there was no solution out there except surgery. And if there is someone out there in my situation, please give this a try. I hope it will work for you as it did for me.”

No More Pads!

“paid for the silicon version of these, and am glad I did. They are smooth and very easy to keep clean.

After my 3rd baby, I was having difficulty with stress incontinence, and needed a pad for times when I would sneeze or cough. To make matters worse, I got a horrible cough just 5 weeks post-partum. I tried special pads for this type of thing, but they smelled funny - like an old folks’ home. So I was SO self-conscious and my confidence was super low. It made me feel very old. Anyway, enough was enough. I researched and decided on these Kegel weights.

I started wearing them 5-6 days per week during my morning... shower (about 15min). I started on level 2. Now I am at level 5 after about 2-3mo. They work. Now I don’t worry when I sneeze or cough, and I threw away the pads. I think once I master level 6, I will try holding one in during my morning walking around or something. I’m also hoping they will help when I go back to running. (I used to have a little leakage trouble only when I sprinted as fast as I could.)

Get these for yourself if you are having trouble like I was - they are SO worth it!! Highly recommended.

Really Good Quality

“have so far had a great experience with this product. They are comfortable, easy to use, and of really good quality which it’s very important to me as something I use with my body and for my health. The seller is also very involved with the process and in helping with the use of the product. They are available for questions and concerns with the product.”

No More Leaking!

I don’t usually get excited about a product, but this exerciser works! After one week of use, I no longer have to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, something I have had to do every single night for the past 15 years. Additionally, when I jog, urine does not leak out as it often does. I am buying more for my friends and family. Would highly recommend for any women who would like better bladder control and tightening.

Step by Step Instructions

Great product!! It comes with step by step instructions and the packaging for storage is awesome. They also provide you with a small drawstring bag for traveling. I started about a week ago and I can already tell the difference. MUST TRY!!!

I am Noticing a Difference

“These work very well. I am noticing a difference. I am 50 years old and I am gradually working up to heavier weights. I love this product and highly recommend it. My OB-GYN is happy that I am using weights instead of trying kegels on my own without weights.”

Physical Therapist and Mother of 3

“As a physical therapist, I have found these weights to be so helpful. I love the quality and the ability to progress my patient’s treatment program as they are able. As a mother of 3 (vaginal births 8lbs.2oz, 8lbs.13 oz and 10lbs.6oz.) girls, I have had some issues over the years and have done my kegel exercises like everyone else. As a pelvic floor practitioner the weight training brings the strengthening to a whole new level. I highly recommend this weight system both personally and professionally.

Just 15 minutes a Day

“These weights got me back to how I was before kids! No more incontinence issues either. I had tried a few other types, which are shaped like a ball, and they didn’t work for me. These tool just 15 minutes a day, and within a month I saw a noticeable positive change. I recommend them for anyone who wants to feel more like they did before having kids.”

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Support the cause by taking a stand to speak out, and provide hope to millions of other women.

Even if you are not ready to share publicly, or want to share anonymously, you and your experiences are important. Dr. Amanda has gone through her own difficult pelvic health journey, and now wants to lend her ear and voice to those in need. Please share your story with her.