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Painful Ejaculation in Men

Thanks to Dr. Susie Gronski (@dr.susieg) for the overview below! 
Painful ejaculation, also known as post-orgasm pain, is pain that occurs during or after a man ejaculates. Pain is described as burning, stabbing, aching, or sharp. Pain can be felt just above the pubic bone, lower abdomen, at the level of the penis, urethral opening, testicles or rectum.

The exact causes of painful ejaculation are poorly understood but here are some potential theories:
- Infections like prostatitis, orchitis, urethritis, sexually transmitted disease, and urinary tract infection
- Pelvic surgery like radical prostatectomy or transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) which is a surgical procedure for a problematic enlarged prostate
- Chronic pelvic pain syndrome
- Ejaculatory duct blockage
- Prostate cancer
- Nerve damage in the penis
- And certain medications like anti-depressants

If you’re experiencing painful ejaculation, here are 3 treatment ideas you can try:

  • Massage the muscles and soft tissue structures around your penis with a small, squishy massage ball (or hands make for great massage tools too).
  • Breathe slowly and softly into your lower belly and pelvic area for several breath cycles. Focused breathing increases circulation to your pelvic tissues and reduces pelvic muscle tension.
  • Use a pelvic wand to massage the tissues around the prostate, right behind your pubic bone, at eleven o’clock and one o’clock. If you’re unsure how to use a pelvic wand for internal pelvic floor muscle therapy, consult with a qualified pelvic therapist before use.

Ejaculatory pain is frustrating and often results in sexual avoidance. If you’re experiencing painful ejaculation, pelvic health therapy, can be helpful in getting you back to pain-free sexy time.

Remember to consult with a qualified pelvic floor therapist for individualized support and guidance.






Pelvic Wands


Pelvic Wands

Pelvic wands are often used superficially for perineal massage, introitus stretching, and to reach deeper pelvic floor muscles. They are an excellent option for anyone suffering from Endo/IC pain, tailbone pain, hypertonic muscles, or deep dyspareunia.


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