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Vaginal Health Accessory Bundle


Vaginal Health Accessory Bundle

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The Intimate Rose Ultimate Vaginal Health Accessory Discount Bundle contains a complete set of products to boost overall vaginal and sexual health.  This bundle includes the following products and benefits:

  • 1 Bottle of (30) Boric Balance Suppositories To Maintain Vaginal Balance, Regulate Odor, And Fight Yeast Infections
  • 1 Package of (7) Boric Balance Applicators 
  • 1 Bottle Of Water Based Lubrication For Use With Our Products And Intercourse
  • 1 Container of Vaginal Balm For Dryness
  • 1 Bottle of Daily Probiotic Vitamin To Promote Vaginal Balance, Digestion, and Urinary Tract Health

Boric Balance Suppositories & Applicators: Boric Balance can help restore your internal balance quickly and easily to help your body ward off yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. Boric acid suppositories have been scientifically proven to improve overall vaginal health.  This package contains 30 suppositories and 7 applicators.
- Insert with the included applicators. Unlike cream or gel, this is a better alternative when you want to stay dry. No burning sensations or side-effects.

Water Based Lubrication: Velvet Rose Water Based Personal Lubricant is a safe and effective solution to vaginal dryness during intercourse and to help you use other Intimate Rose products. Our formula is silky smooth, non-sticky, is one of the few FDA Registered lubricants. A little goes a long way, so our 8 oz bottle will last a long time.

Vaginal Balm: This all natural vaginal cream and moisturizer offers a unique blend of organic and natural ingredients to relieve and treat vaginal skin irritation, redness and dryness

Daily ProbioticFlora Bloom Probiotics For Women contains Prebiotics & Probiotics designed to promote vaginal balance, digestion, and urinary tract. Our delayed-release capsule and prebiotics help the probiotics survive longer. Cranberry & D-Mannose support the urinary tract.

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