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All About Rectal Dilators for Men


Rectal dilators can help relax the pelvic floor muscles, which can be beneficial for men who experience that golf-ball in the rectum feeling with sitting.

Thanks to Dr. Susie Gronski (@dr.susieg) for the overview below! 

Remember to consult with a qualified pelvic floor therapist for individualized support and guidance.






Rectal Dilators

Many find success using rectal dilators for constipation, fissures, fecal incontinence, complications from Crohn’s Disease/IBD, and painful anal intercourse. Those with anal stenosis or scar tissue following cancer treatment (chemotherapy, radiation, surgery) for anal, colon, ovarian, uterine, cervical, vulvar, and sometimes breast cancer also find treatment with a rectal dilator useful.Pelvic Wands


Pelvic Wands

Pelvic wands are often used superficially for perineal massage, introitus stretching, and to reach deeper pelvic floor muscles. They are an excellent option for anyone suffering from Endo/IC pain, tailbone pain, hypertonic muscles, or deep dyspareunia.


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