Vaginal and Rectal Dilators Sizing, Flexibility, and Uses


In the video above, Dr. Amanda Olson discusses vaginal and rectal dilator sizing and their flexibility to give you a better sense of how they will feel. She also discusses how to incorporate the smallest rectal dilators into vaginal rotation as an option for those who may be struggling to get started with the size 1 vaginal dilator. 


Vaginal Dilators

If you suffer from conditions such as vaginismus, or experience pain during sexual activity and sexual intercourse, vaginal dilation therapy is a viable treatment option. It can help treat the underlying conditions and allow for pain free penetration, and help improve overall sexual health.




Intimate Rose Vaginal Dilators:


  • Provides relief from painful penetration
  • 8 sizes to gradually reach your goal
  • Used in the official Academy of Pelvic Health training course


Rectal Dilators

Many find success using rectal dilators for constipation, fissures, fecal incontinence, complications from Crohn’s Disease/IBD, and painful anal intercourse. Those with anal stenosis or scar tissue following cancer treatment for anal, colon, ovarian, uterine, cervical, vulvar, and sometimes breast cancer also find treatment with a rectal dilator useful.


Intimate Rose Rectal Dilators

Intimate Rose Rectal Dilators:

  • Designed with smooth, hourglass shape to relax the pelvic floor and reduce symptoms of pelvic pain
  • Includes a gradual progression size 1-8
  • Firm enough to hold their shape, smooth and comfortable



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