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Your New Best Friend: A Pelvic Wand!


Teal Pelvic Wand

Curious about what exactly the pelvic wand is good for? There are so many uses, including release for pelvic pain and tightness, finding and relieving trigger points within the pelvic floor, massaging fascial restrictions and scar tissue from surgery, trauma, or even childbirth, as well as preparing for birth with a perineum massage!

Melissa Williams describes her own experience using the pelvic wand below to relieve trigger points to provide a much more enjoyable experience in the bedroom.

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Pelvic Wands


Pelvic Wands

Pelvic wands are often used superficially for perineal massage, introitus stretching, and to reach deeper pelvic floor muscles. They are a great option for anyone suffering from Endo/IC pain, tailbone pain, hypertonic muscles, or deep dyspareunia.

Intimate Rose has several different options of pelvic wands, including a vibrating option as well as a hot and cold therapy option. Learn more!



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