Using the Dilator Handle with Dilators

Using dilators? Struggling to, um, reach things down there? We know it can be awkward. We've got a solution! Dr. Alicia Jeffrey-Thomas over @thepelvicdancefloor talks about how the Dilator Handle comes in, well, pretty handy during your dilator training adventure (it works great with both vaginal and rectal dilators!).

Watch her fun video then check out the dilator handle in more detail! Ready to progress to the next size? Browse our full vaginal dilator collection!

Check out the Dilator Handle

Our dilator handle is uniquely designed to provide an extension of reach for improved comfort during dilator training. It is perfect for those who struggle with dexterity, or arthritis, or for those who would like some extra distance from their body while initiating dilator training. It is compatible with most other dilator brands and is the only handle on the market designed specifically for silicone dilators.