In this video,’s Dr. Amanda Olson, certified pelvic floor rehabilitation therapist, discusses how to progress from one vaginal dilator to the next. Dr. Olson describes how, when you’ve noticed it’s become easier to use a smaller dilator but you can’t quite yet move on to a larger one, there are some things you can do in order to prepare better to move on to the next dilator.

Starting with the dilator you’re currently using, insert it as normal. Imagine the vaginal opening as the face of a clock, with 12 o’clock pointing straight upward. Begin by applying pushing up and in on the 11 o’clock position with gentle but firm pressure for one or two minutes, then slowly work your way clockwise around the vaginal opening, as this will help condition your vagina to handle additional compression.

Another helpful method for preparing yourself for increasing to a larger vaginal dilator is to change position. Switching from on your back to on your hands and knees, for example, will change the way you engage your pelvic floor, especially since gravity will be at play as well. This can help relax the pelvic floor and desensitize the nervous system further. This can then help you better tolerate having sex, inserting a tampon, or having a medical exam.

Finally, Dr. Olson recommends sitting on the dilator. First, insert it while in a side-lying position before carefully sitting up. This will not just provide a different feeling but also offer a way to receive different training or mobilization of your vaginal tissue so you can progress to the next dilator.

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