Vaginal dryness is incredibly common. So why is there a stigma around using lubricants? While the vagina is self-lubricating, everyone is different. Pregnancy, menopause, certain medications, and even your menstrual cycle can affect your body's ability to produce lubricant naturally. It's time to shed the shame surrounding lubricants! Dryness does not mean you're disinterested in your partner.

All About Lubricants!

Balm is meant to be used externally on the vulva daily—much like you would a body lotion. It's perfect for soothing itching or painful labia and vulva, but can also help set the mood! It's a way to maintain daily moisture of the vulva and is absorbed into the skin to help maintain healthy tissue.

Lube is better suited for one-time uses to help insert something into the vagina. Although there are many types of lube, we suggest a water-based, toxin-free, FDA-approved product that mimics natural vaginal pH. This type is safe with most pelvic devices and during those more intimate times.

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