Best Balm for Vulvar Dryness

Vulvar dryness and irritation is an uncomfortable side effect of changes in hormones, dry climates, ingrown hairs, and certain health conditions. Shaving and waxing the bikini area can lead to itchiness, ingrown hair, redness, rashes, and irritation in this area.

New moms and women who are postmenopausal commonly experience dryness in the vulvar area. Tight-fitting clothing consistently worn over sensitive skin can also lead to irritation. All of these can result in discomfort with sex and toileting and lend to overall discomfort in the outer vaginal (vulvar) region.

How to Fix Itching, Irritated Skin Around the Vagina

The good news is that there are many natural and easy remedies that alleviate irritation in the sensitive skin around your private parts.

  • Eat a balanced diet of whole foods and limit sugar as much as possible. Sugar can upset the balance of good and bad bacteria, which can lead to bacterial overgrowth in some areas, including around the vagina. By limiting sugar and fueling your body with whole foods, you give your body the resources it needs to create better balance on its own
  • Drink plenty of water. Maintaining proper hydration, especially in dry climates, is imperative for the overall health of your skin. Think about how dry your lips and hands can become when you don’t drink enough water, and know that this affects all of your skin.
  • Avoid over-scrubbing your vulva. Many women work to combat odor by scrubbing the vulva during showering. This is unnecessary and can lend to irritation not only of the skin, but also the nerves in and around the vulva and anus. Use of mild soap and a soft cloth is all that is required to clean the area. Avoid placing heavy pressure on the area.
  • Use an all-natural vulvar balm. If your hands are dry, you use hand lotion, and if your lips are chapped, you use lip balm. Thankfully, if your intimate skin is red, itchy, irritated, or dry, there is an all-natural balm for that! Enchanted Rose natural vaginal cream is specifically formulated using all-natural, organic ingredients to sooth and comfort irritated skin. A small swipe onto red, irritated, or dry skin leads to instant relief thanks to a blend of plant-based nutrients and beeswax.

What Is Vulvar Balm Used For?

  • Moisturizing: Enchanted Rose delivers relief to dry intimate skin using organic and all-natural ingredients. It is perfect for everyday use for women experiencing dryness due to breastfeeding, hysterectomy, hormone changes, gynecological surgery, or dry climates.
  • Irritation: Enchanted Rose brings nourishment and relief to rashes or otherwise dry, itchy, or red intimate skin.
  • Personal Care: Enchanted Rose reduces irritation caused by soaps and ingrown hairs from grooming.
  • Intimacy: Enchanted Rose provides nourishment and moisture to intimate skin before and after intimacy for reduced irritation.

Is It Hypoallergenic?

Enchanted Rose Balm is

  • Made with organic and all-natural ingredients.
  • Gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free.
  • Paraben-free.
  • Free of perfumes and dyes.

The Best Natural Vulvar Balm for Sensitive Skin

Enchanted Rose is an organic, all-natural moisturizing balm created to soothe irritation, dryness, itching, and redness experienced by women due to breastfeeding, hormone changes, hysterectomy, menopause, gynecological surgery, chemicals, or environmental factors. Enchanted Rose provides nourishment to intimate skin, helping to rejuvenate and rehydrate for softer, happier skin.


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