Vaginal Health Accessory Pro Bundle
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Vaginal Health Accessory Pro Bundle

Vaginal Health Accessory Pro Bundle

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The Intimate Rose Ultimate Vaginal Health Accessory Discount Bundle contains a complete set of products to boost overall vaginal and sexual health. This bundle includes the following products and benefits:

  • 1 Bottle of (30) Boric Balance Suppositories To Maintain Vaginal PH, Regulate Odor, And Fight Yeast Infections
  • 1 Package of (7) Boric Balance Applicators
  • 1 Bottle Of Water Based Lubrication For Use With Our Products And Intercourse
  • 1 Bottle of Daily Probiotic To Promote Vaginal PH, Digestion, and Urinary Tract Health

Boric Balance Suppositories & Applicators: Boric Balance can help restore your pH balance quickly and easily to help your body ward off yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. Boric acid suppositories have been scientifically proven to improve overall vaginal health. This package contains 30 suppositories and 7 applicators.
- Insert with the included applicators. Unlike cream or gel, this is a better alternative when you want to stay dry. No burning sensations or side-effects.

Water Based Lubrication: Velvet Rose Water Based Personal Lubricant is a safe and effective solution to vaginal dryness during intercourse and to help you use other Intimate Rose products. Our formula is silky smooth, non-sticky, is one of the few FDA Cleared lubricants. A little goes a long way, so our 8 oz bottle will last a long time.

Daily Probiotic: Flora Bloom Probiotics For Women contains Prebiotics & Probiotics designed to promote vaginal pH, digestion, and urinary tract. Our delayed-release capsule and prebiotics help the probiotics survive longer. Cranberry & D-Mannose support the urinary tract.

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  • Really Works. Probiotics Matter! BV went away! I'm still taking these every day, about 2 years after I started, and I have never once experienced BV since! It really works. There should be more education about how much probiotics matter!!


    Verified Buyer

  • Fast shipping

    I’ve discovered ordering direct from the company that makes the product has faster shipping and better pricing. Been using their probiotic for over a year now and it is extremely effective at keeping my down there yeast levels normal.


    Verified Buyer

  • Good Job

    Great product! I unfortunately suffer from chronic yeast and bv due to my IUD and I've tried other products but never have I been more satisfied than with this Boric Balance! Will definitely purchase again


    Verified Buyer

The unique combination of pre and probiotics are formulated for women to promote better digestion, pH balance, and support for urinary tract infections.

Improve Vaginal Health Through Combination of Natural Pre and Probiotics

Promote Healthy Balance of Bacteria in Gut

Boost Immunity Which May Reduce Risk of Infections

Optimize Urinary Function

Safe for Pregnancy & Breast Feeding

How It Works

Flora Bloom Probiotics contains four different probiotic strains that support digestion and gut health. It also includes prebiotics that help the probiotics survive not only in the large intestine but throughout the entire digestive tract and down to the vaginal canal. This asist the body to regulate pH, reduce odor, and defend against infections, including bacterial vaginosis and group B strep. As a result, it is an ideal and safe choice for women, specially during pregnancy.

We have added Cranberry & D-Mannose which are used to make it harder for bacteria to adhere to the urinary tract walls, making it more difficult for urinary tract infections to take hold.

Many probiotic formulas boast many billions of CFUs (colony forming units), however the reason they do this is because they know 99% will die when they hit the stomach. Flora Bloom is different. Instead we use a prebiotic and delayed release capsule to ensure our probiotics reach your GI Tract and vaginal canal.

The prebiotic is used as food for the probiotic, that allows the probiotic to last longer. The delayed release capsule won't dissolve for close to an hour, unlike normal capsules that dissolve in 5 minutes or less. This allows the formula to last longer and give you better benefits

Suggested Use

For optimal results take 1 capsule twice per day. These capsules should be taken with food. Maintaining a consistent routine will help you make the most of the supplement's benefits.

Boric Balance can help restore freshness and quickly help your body ward off yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.

How It Works

Our 100% vegan, fast-acting formula possesses antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties that aid in reducing the growth of various pathogens often associated with conditions like Bacterial Vaginosis, yeast infections, and other vaginal imbalances. It also helps restore vaginal pH balance.

You can expect improvement within 24 hours of using Boric Balance suppositories. These vegan capsules dissolve more rapidly than gelatin capsules, allowing the natural formula to take effect immediately, providing faster relief.

How to use Boric Balance?

Dr. Amanda Olson, a certified pelvic floor rehabilitation therapist for, explains how to use Boric Balance Suppositories to get rid of yeast infection fast.

Suggested Use

Insert one suppository into the vagina every 12 hours, as needed, preferably before bedtime for 14 consecutive days.

Although you may experience near-immediate relief of symptoms, it is generally important to continue the course of Boric Balance suppositories to restore vaginal pH balance.

Do not use Boric Balance if you have open wounds or you are pregnant.


What should I know before using Boric Balance for the first time?

Our 100% natural Boric Balance vaginal suppositories are considered gentle, safe, and effective support for Bacterial Vaginosis and yeast infections. They contain zero fillers or additives and are in our fast-acting vegan capsules. For best results:

  • Use the applicator to insert the suppository deeply into the vagina. Discomfort or a mild burning sensation may occur if the suppository isn’t inserted deeply enough.
  • Help reduce discharge symptoms from BV.
  • For best results, insert suppositories prior to bedtime.

Do not use Boric Balance if:

  • You have open wounds.
  • You are pregnant.

As always, contact your medical care provider if you have additional questions or concerns.

Does This Kind of Suppository Treat Bacterial Vaginosis?

Clinically proven high success rate in fighting Bacterial Vaginosis. Particularly effective for those with antibiotic resistant BV, Boric Balance helps to restore the vaginal pH, reducing or eliminating susceptibility to infection. Boric Balance also be used to support vaginal pH during antibiotic treatment and by people with IUDs.

How Long Does It Take for Boric Balance Suppositories to Work?

improvement is experienced within 24 hours of using Boric Balance suppositories. Boric Balance’s vegan capsules dissolve faster than gelatin capsules, meaning the natural formula starts acting immediately, and you experience relief faster.

How Often Can You Use Boric Balance Suppositories?

For best results, it is recommended to use Boric Balance once daily, for 14 consecutive days. Although you may experience near-immediate relief of symptoms, it is generally important to continue the course of Boric Balance suppositories to restore vaginal pH balance. As always, seek the advice of your doctor to ensure proper dosage and duration of vaginal health support.

How does Boric Balance work?

Boric Balance supports the vaginal pH, reducing the growth of various pathogens which often lead to Bacterial Vaginosis, yeast infections, and other vaginal imbalances. Our 100% pure, natural, medical-grade boric acid has antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties which help to reduce infection and restore vaginal pH balance.

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