Dilators for Vaginismus

What Are Vaginal Dilators Used For?

Vaginal dilators, also referred to as vaginal trainers, are used to restore vaginal width, depth, and elasticity to allow for sexual activity, tampon use, medical exam, or other needs.

These unique pelvic floor exercisers are commonly recommended after certain types of cancer treatments such as radiation and surgery. Other common conditions that benefit from use of vaginal dilators include menopause, vaginismus, muscle spasms around the opening of the vagina, and gender affirming procedures.

Dilator Set

Who Can Benefit from Using Vaginal Trainers?

Intimate Rose Vaginal Dilators help women with a myriad of vaginal issues. For example, women who have undergone radiation treatment, surgery in the vagina or pelvis, or those who are experiencing vaginal pain, dyspareunia or pain with sex, pain with penetration of a tampon or medical exam, or those who are undergoing gender affirming treatment and surgery may benefit from vaginal dilators.  

Dilator Therapy is Beneficial for the Following Issues:

⦁    Pain with Sex
⦁    Vaginismus
⦁    Vaginal Stenosis
⦁    Vulvodynia
⦁    Vaginitis
⦁    Changes with Menopause
⦁    Chronic Pelvic Pain
⦁    Gender Affirming Surgery

Treatment for Vaginismus and Vaginal Pain: Intimate Rose Vaginal Dilators

The Intimate Rose Set for Women uses a smooth, medical grade silicone that is uniquely created to glide into the body for more comfortable use. They feature a silky texture and, unlike any other vaginal trainers on the market, they are not sticky or hard. The graduated sizes allow for patients to find their perfect fit and progress to reach their goals. They are used for vaginitis treatment, vulvodynia, vaginismus, and generalized vaginal pain that is not caused by infection.

Imagine feeling relief from vaginal pain and being able to do the things you want:

⦁    Enjoy Sex
⦁    Be able to use a tampon
⦁    Be able to tolerate a medical exam if needed
⦁    Feel less pain during daily activities

Keys to Successful Vaginal Training for Vaginismus and Vaginal Pain

Vaginismus treatment includes the use of vaginal dilators while learning to relax the pelvic floor muscles. To decrease pain with vaginal penetration, the keys to success are consistency and routine practice. Daily use of vaginismus dilators, coupled with relaxation techniques and focused attention on training the muscles, will result in achieving your goals.

Your health care provider may have a unique training plan for you outside of the recommendations made here. Always consult with a health care provider before starting a new training plan.