Frequently Asked Questions - Vaginal Dilators FAQ

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  1. Do Dilators Really Work?
  2. What is a Dilator Used For?
  3. How Often Should I Use Them?
  4. How Long Do I Keep The Dilator Inserted?
  5. Are They Painful?
  6. Do Dilators "Loosen Up" Down There?
  7. What Are They Used to Help Treat?

Do Dilators Really Work?

Vaginal dilators do work and are an effective therapy for patients suffering from a myriad of vaginal and sexual health issues. For example, women who have undergone radiation treatment, surgery in the vagina or pelvis, or those who are experiencing vaginal pain, dyspareunia or pain with sex, pain with penetration of a tampon or during an exam, or those who are undergoing gender affirming treatment and surgery may benefit from using vaginal dilators.

What is a Dilator Used For?

A vaginal dilator, also referred to as a vaginal trainer, is a device used to gently stretch the vagina to improve mobility in width and depth. They are used to treat narrowing in the vagina (vaginal stenosis) such as after gynecologic cancer treatment or surgery, as well as therapy for vaginismus and other forms of dyspareunia.

They are often used in conjunction with dilator therapy to restore width of the vaginal opening, depth, and elasticity without invasive surgery to allow for sexual intercourse, tampon use, medical exams, as well as other sexual health purposes.

How Often Should You Use a Vaginal Dilator?

Repeat the vaginal dilator training protocol process mentioned above 1-2 times per day, and progress to larger vaginal dilators according to your goals.

How Long Should You Keep a Vaginal Dilator Inserted?

Generally, the length of time depends on the patient and their comfort level but when used in conjunction with a slow deep breathing cycle, dilators should be used for up to 20 minutes, 1-3 times per day.

Are Dilators Painful?

Dilators are a helpful tool to relieve pain. While dilator training can result in discomfort, they are not painful. Thanks to Intimate Rose's 8 progressive sizes there is a gentle transition from one size to the next.

Additionally, you as the user are always in control of the depth and time spent training. It is recommended that you use breathing and relaxation techniques during dilator training to help reduce discomfort.

If you experience pain it is recommended that you simply take a break or go down to a smaller size for that time period.

Will They Loosen Down There?

Dilators are useful to loosen scar tissue and pelvic floor muscles that are too tight. Additionally they can be used to help train co-ordination of the muscles to relax during penetration to eliminate pain with use of tampon, during medical exam, or during sex.

What Can Vaginal Dilators Be Used to Treat?

Some doctors have been known to prescribe vaginal dilator therapy to help treat the following conditions.  You should always be evaluated by a medical professional before attempting to treat these conditions.

  • Vaginismus
  • Vaginal changes or pain Post cancer treatment
  • Vestibulodynia
  • Vulvodynia
  • Dyspareunia
  • Painful Intercourse
  • Vaginal Stenosis
  • Changes with Menopause
  • Chronic Pelvic Floor Pain
  • Gender Affirming Surgical Procedures  

The Intimate Rose Vaginal Dilators are cleared to treat the symptoms of Vaginismus. Check with your doctor to see if the Intimate Rose Vaginal Dilators are right for you.

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How do my patients give their script to Intimate Rose?

We've added the ability to upload a script as part of the purchase process. Visitors on can choose the Prescription Upload link directly below the Add To Cart button on dilator product pages. Visitors can upload their script via mobile or desktop. Any file version will do. Alternatively, visitors can also email a copy of their script to

What is the longer term plan?

We are actively working on a better experience for customers and clinicians to make the vaginal dilator purchase process as seamless as possible. We will share updates as this solution becomes available.

What can I do as a healthcare provider?

Healthcare providers can help their patients with this process in a few ways. If you can write a script, you can provide one to referencing your patient or have your patients upload / email it to us. State laws vary on who can or can't write a prescription. If you can not write a script, you can call your patient's PCP and ask them if they'd help.

Where can I find official FDA documentation?

Here is a link to the FDA document on Vaginal Dilators:

This link shows that Vaginal Dilators are considered a class 2 medical device that require 510(k) documentation to be compliant with the FDA.

Does this have something to do with Insurance or FSA?

No, this is completely independent of any insurance or FSA compliance, and that isn't a cause or effect of this.