Using a Vaginal Lubricant: How to Choose the Right One for Your Needs

Vaginal dryness effects women in many ways, including comfort and enjoyment during sex.

Causes of Vaginal Dryness

The vagina usually naturally lubricates itself during arousal, however that response can diminish, and sex can feel unpleasant due to excessive friction. Many factors can lead to vaginal dryness in women.

These include hormone changes associated with the post-partum period, and menopause. Stress and changes in weather can also affect the natural lubrication process.

The great news is that there are many options to provide lubrication for sex to feel great. Every woman is different and will have different physiological needs when it comes to choosing a personal lubricant. 

Lubricant Ingredients to Avoid

Some universally key things to avoid when looking at the ingredients of a personal lubricant are petroleum and other non-organic oils. These ingredients can carry toxic materials that has been shown to potentially hazardous to your health.

Another ingredient to avoid in lubricants is silicone. Silicone based lubricants are often irritating to vaginal skin and cannot be used on sex toys or medical devices for vaginal health which are a part of many women’s sex lives.

Tips for Finding the Perfect State of Lubrication

  1. Try water based or organic lubricants. Water based lubricants are often more purely formulated than other forms. Organic lubricants may contain plant-based ingredients to supply extra lubrication.

  2. Use 1-2 tablespoons. Many couples are simply not using enough lubricant. Using enough on both partners is necessary to provide a comfortable glide and prevent irritating friction. If you are concerned about making a mess simply throw a towel down!

  3. Use a suspension dropper to insert lubricant deeper into the vagina. This is a trick that is so helpful to women that have discomfort or pain during sex. Load a suspension dropper (often sold with baby Tylenol bottles or at drug stores) and use it to push lubricant deeper into the vagina.

Personal lubricant is just that, a personal product that affects each person differently. Finding one with clean ingredients that provides enjoyable lubrication for you is within reach as long as your use the lube correctly.

Intimate Rose offers a water-based lubricant that is wonderful for personal use, or for couples. Additionally, the organic feminine balm is ideal for daily lubrication support for women experiencing dryness around the outside of the vaginal opening.

Keeping this area gently moisturized is helpful for reducing friction during intimacy.

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