In this video, Dr. Amanda Olson, certified pelvic floor rehabilitation therapist for, discusses the indications and contraindications for the use of vaginal dilators, which are sometimes referred to as vaginal trainers. Pelvic Floor dilators are inserted vaginally and are made from medical-grade silicone, featuring a unique finish in order to make them as soft, smooth, and comfortable as possible. Generous amounts of water-based lubricants, such as Intimate Rose’s Velvet Rose Lubricant, are recommended, as oil or silicone-based lubricants will damage the silicone of the vaginal dilator.

Contraindications for vaginal dilator use include pregnant women and women with active pelvic infections. Indications include women experiencing vaginismus, muscle spasms leading to issues related to vaginal penetration during sex, vaginitis, women who have experienced sexual trauma or abuse, and women that have difficulty relaxing their pelvic muscles in order to tolerate tampons or medical exams. These dilators can also be used rectally for anyone who has undergone radiation therapy for rectal cancer and is in need of physical therapy and rehabilitation.

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