What is Lichen Sclerosus?

Lichen Sclerosus is a condition where the skin is covered in thin patches of white skin that is thinner than normal and often itchy. It affects more women than men and most commonly presents around menopause. The exact cause is unknown, although an overactive immune system or hormonal changes are commonly thought to play a role.

Lichen Sclerosus often occurs around the vulva and entrance to the vagina. This patchy white skin is highly sensitive and can even be painful. It is important to visit your physician if you notice any signs of Lichen sclerosus because skin cancer can develop in association with this condition. A physician can biopsy the tissue and determine the best course of treatment depending on the symptoms.

Treatment for Vaginal Pain Associated with Lichen Sclerosis

Treatment for Lichen Sclerosus may include watching and waiting in mild cases. In more severe or painful cases, it may require the use of corticosteroids or other topical ointments and medications.

There are also natural treatment options available upon consulting your physician. 

For women experiencing painful sex due to Lichen Sclerosis, vaginal dilators are a useful tool after the course of medication or ointment is complete.

Vaginal Dilator Therapy for Treatment of Vaginismus with Lichen Sclerosus

Vaginal dilators, also referred to as vaginal trainers, restore vaginal width, depth and elasticity to allow for sexual activity in women with Lichen Sclerosus who have vaginismus. Vaginismus is a condition in which women experience pelvic muscle spasms and vaginal tightness that prohibits penetration or makes it extremely difficult. 

Treatment plans for women with Lichen Sclerosus who have vaginismus include the use of vaginal dilators while learning to relax the pelvic floor muscles. To decrease pain with vaginal penetration, the keys to success are consistency and routine practice.


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The Intimate Rose Vaginal Dilators are cleared to treat the symptoms of Vaginismus such as painful intercourse. Learn how to use vaginal dilators

The daily use of pelvic wands, coupled with relaxation techniques and focused attention on training the muscles, will result in achieving your goals. Your healthcare provider may have a unique training plan for you outside of these recommendations. So, always consult with a healthcare provider before starting a new training plan.

Breathing practice and vaginal training go hand in hand. Pain tolerance and control of the pelvic floor muscles are both enhanced by deep, mindful breathing, especially during vaginal dilator training.

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