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Vagina Tightening Exercises

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If you find yourself wondering why you pee when you laugh, or why sex is seemingly less enjoyable, you aren’t alone! If you have had a baby, or lift heavy weights, you have most likely damaged your pelvic floor muscles....

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Guide to Pelvic Floor Release With Exercises

Conditions of chronic pelvic pain are often caused by tightness in the pelvic floor. As many as one in seven people suffer from chronic pelvic pain, often spending years trying to receive a proper explanation and diagnosis for their pain....

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Vaginal Scar Tissue and Pelvic Pain: What You Need to Know and How to Fix It

Vaginal scar tissue can form following a myriad of conditions including surgery, radiation treatment, an episiotomy, gynecological surgery and giving birth although the development of vaginal scar tissue after childbirth from tearing is the most common. Vaginal Narrowing Vaginal scarring...

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Sjogren’s Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms and More

Sjogren’s syndrome is an immune system disorder that causes dryness in the eyes, mouth, and vagina. It may be accompanied by other immune system disorders, such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. It typically affects adults, primarily women, over...

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Why Does Sex Hurt After Giving Birth?

Women who give birth both vaginally and via cesarean section (c-section) are often alarmed to experience pain with sex after having a baby. It is understandable that injuries to the skin and pelvic floor muscles due to vaginal delivery may...

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Best Ways to Curb Weight Gain During Menopause

Almost every woman will experience at least some weight gain during menopause because of hormonal changes. And that will be on top of the weight gain due to aging. It’s important to address gaining weight, beginning with those pesky hormonal...

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