For your life and everyday comfort, pelvic health is non-negotiable--whether it's bowel movement, making sure your organs stay put, or supporting you during pregnancy, your pelvic muscles are an essential part of a healthy life.

The challenge? Accessing great pelvic health services.

For women struggling with access to pelvic health services, telehealth offers a fantastic alternative to in-person care. Now, instead of driving an absurd distance and trying to figure out what to do with your kids, you can access the care you need when you need it most.

Here's a closer look at why telehealth is a great alternative option for care--especially for women's health.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine, or telehealth, uses telecommunication technology and electronic information to allow a doctor to provide care when they're not in the same place as their patient. The most common examples are video or phone appointments, but telehealth also includes:

  • Emailing your doctor
  • Communicating via chat messages, secure messaging, or file exchange systems
  • Remote patient monitoring

This isn't quite the same as emailing your doctor to confirm an appointment--telehealth usually refers to healthcare performed digitally in place of an in-person visit. There has been a massive upsurge in telehealth since the COVID-19 pandemic made it unsafe to schedule in-person visits.

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At Intimate Rose, we know the power that great pelvic health services can have to change women's lives.  Our mission is simple: to support women in pursuing all their pelvic health goals.

That's why we help connect women with the pelvic health specialists they need, including telehealth providers who are ready to meet you where you are (digitally, that is). Intimate Rose is proud to partner with Origin, a trusted provider of at-home physical therapy, for telehealth appointments.  If you're ready to take a convenient, effective approach to your pelvic health, we're happy to connect you.  Click here to get started.

Benefits of Telehealth

Telehealth can cover a surprising variety of health services, ranging from prescription management to lab results to post-surgery follow-ups and, of course, women's health services. It's an efficient, effective way to deliver care.

Here's why telehealth is a great choice for women's health.

Better Access to High-Quality Healthcare

First and foremost, telehealth allows women to have better access to high-quality healthcare.

For one thing, telehealth removes the barrier of distance. With remote practitioners, you're no longer bound by practices within driving distance of your home. For women in rural areas, this often makes the difference between access to healthcare or no healthcare at all.

This benefit is not limited to rural areas, either. Many women in underserved urban areas face the same barriers to care as women in rural areas, even though many people believe that living in a city implicitly means they can access all the doctors they need. Telehealth means they can access all the doctors they need when they need them most.

Telehealth also allows patients to access specialists that they might not be able to access otherwise. Unfortunately, not everyone has an ongoing relationship with a doctor they need. The good news is that telehealth allows you to communicate with specialists even if they're not in your area, which means you can access specialized care whenever you need it.

Comfort and Convenience for Working Women and Mothers

For working women and busy mothers, the comfort and convenience of telehealth services is a critical benefit that cannot be overstated.

The pandemic has been hard. Especially on women.

Telehealth helps regain that precious time you need to spend on your career and your family. Instead of taking time off work, driving to a specialist, waiting in a waiting room, and trying to manage kids in the interim, you can simply log on and meet with a doctor when it's convenient for you. No more fuss. Just the appointment you need, from your sofa.

Think about that. No more struggling with inconvenient appointments. No more sprinting out of meetings. No more wrangling childcare. And no more waiting around wasting time you don't have.

Coordinated Care

Because telehealth allows you to access any specialist that you need, no matter where you or the specialist are located, telehealth is enabled with features that in-person medicine lacks. One of the most critical features to make telehealth possible is efficient, effective data sharing. This is what allows your provider to assess you even though they can't see you in person.

This data-sharing capability also makes it easier to manage coordinated care between your primary physician and specialists, like your pelvic health specialist. Whether sharing exam notes or at-home monitoring data, telehealth is equipped to handle coordinated care with ease.

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