Summertime brings lighter clothing, and this can mean anxiety and lowered participation in activities that bring joy if you are experiencing bladder leakage. Bulky pads and fear of leaking during gardening, chasing children, outdoor walks, and swimming can leave you feeling isolated and depressed if you let it.


There is good news: there are tools that will help you return to these enjoyable activities. Whether you just had a baby or you are a peri-menopausal woman, Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise Weights help women of all walks of life address your needs and provide you with a tailored program to meet your goals.


As a pelvic floor physical therapist I found that when it comes to stopping bladder leakage, addressing pelvic organ prolapse, or improving sexual experience, the Intimate Rose Kegel Weight System has exceeded my expectations. Exhausted and busy women are able to complete their exercise program in a few minutes. If you are desperate to get dry again, however lack the time and the energy to complete the regular 80-100 Kegels per day that are required to get dry, this is the program for you.


These weights are the only weights recommended and prescribed by doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and found in clinics and hospitals around the world. Additionally, they are the weights used by the American Physical Therapy Association to train pelvic floor physical therapist.


If your kids are begging you to get on the trampoline, your garden needs tending, or you want to just be able to sneeze again without your bladder leaking, don’t wait. If you get started now, you could be doing the things you love without issues in a few weeks!

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By Dr. Amanda Olson, DPT, PRPC
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