3 Ways Kegel Exercises Can Improve Sexual Experience

July 10, 2018

Kegel Exercises Can Improve Sexual Experience Intimate Rose

3 Ways Kegel Exercises Can Improve Sexual Experience

Kegel exercises are making headlines these days as a remedy for urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and even low back pain. It is known that Kegels can fix these issues that plague women, but how about for recreational purposes to make sex more enjoyable for women and men alike? Find out how Kegels can lead to better sex for everyone.

What Is a Kegel?

A Kegel is a contraction of the pelvic floor muscles, the hammock-like muscles that surround and support the bladder, vagina and uterus, and rectum. Performing pelvic floor strengthening exercises, which are also referred to as Kegels, by contracting and then relaxing the pelvic floor muscles helps to train the muscles to stop bladder leaks, reduce pressure in the vagina from pelvic organ prolapse, and improve core stability for support of the lower back and hips. Additionally, Kegels can improve the intensity and duration of orgasm for women by increasing the strength of the pelvic floor muscles. During orgasm, the pelvic floor muscles contract rapidly, and the force of contraction is associated with increased pleasurable sensations for women.

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How Do Kegels Make Sex Better?

  1. Having a Strong Pelvic Floor Increases the Intensity of Orgasm for Women

The pelvic floor muscles are vital when it comes to orgasm. They are responsible for the pleasurable contractions felt in the genitals when an orgasm occurs. When the pelvic floor muscles are healthy, orgasms are more intense and longer in duration. Women who have difficulty achieving orgasm may be experiencing weak pelvic floor muscles. Exercising the pelvic floor muscles results in increased blood flow to the pelvic region. Improved blood circulation increases sexual arousal, improves lubrication, and improves a woman’s ability to orgasm.

Studies show a correlation between increased pelvic floor strength and arousal and overall sexual satisfaction in women. 1   It has been proposed that strong pelvic floor muscles improve the intensity of an orgasm, as well as overall mobility of the pelvic muscles and circulation and sensitivity of the clitoris, all factors that contribute to improved sexual function. When it comes to sex, Kegel exercises make the vagina feel tighter, improving sensation for you as well.

  1. Having a Strong Pelvic Floor Can Increase Overall Self-Image for Women

Lifestyle habits and factors of prolonged sitting, repetitive movements, injury, and pregnancy can wreak havoc on your body in a number of ways. Prolonged sitting can lead to overall deconditioning in both aerobic fitness and strength. The stretching of your abdominal muscles during pregnancy can weaken your core. Carrying the weight of a pregnant belly can pull your center of gravity forward and cause low back pain. And the hormones of pregnancy cause ligaments to loosen, making clumsiness and injury more likely. Weight gain is common in busy lives of work, caring for children, and social activities. Regular exercise can mitigate some of the effects and help you get back into shape quicker after the birth.

Because the pelvic floor becomes weaker with prolonged sitting, childbirth, and injury to the hip, low back, or pelvis, adding pelvic floor exercises to your regular workout routine is essential. A toned pelvic floor can reduce your risk of pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence, and painful intercourse.

  1. Having a Strong Pelvic Floor Increases Pleasure for Him
    We saved this one for last because so often, as women, we put our male partners first. It’s important to realize that improving pelvic floor strength and doing Kegels brings satisfaction for both partners involved, with emphasis on pleasure for women, but, let’s face it, having a strong grip on a male partner is a win-win situation for you both. Having firm muscles during sex increases friction that will be an instant hit in the bedroom (or wherever you may find yourself!).

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How to Do a Kegel

To practice Kegels, begin by lying down on your back with your knees bent and your feet planted hip-width apart.

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Inhale and remain relaxed.

Exhale gently as if you were blowing out birthday candles, and simultaneously contract the pelvic floor muscles as if you were going to shut off the flow of urine. Hold this contraction for five seconds. Then inhale and relax.

Repeat  10 times, and do three to four sets per day.

How Do Kegel Exercise Devices Make Sex Better?

Using vaginal weights such as the Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise System can produce stronger pelvic floor muscles in a shorter time frame than simply performing Kegel exercises because the pelvic floor muscles receive added resistance. The weights also help you identify where the muscles are located so you can be sure you are performing Kegels properly. If you do not contract the muscles properly, the weight will simply slide out of your body.

Kegel exercise weights, also called vaginal weights or Kegel balls, add resistance to the pelvic floor muscles during exercises to help coordinate them and strengthen them. This is beneficial for women who experience weakness of the pelvic floor muscles after surgery, injury, or straining from constipation. Having children can also cause a weak pelvic floor, as the muscles become weak after carrying the weight of the baby and the internal organs during pregnancy.

The great thing about vaginal weights is that they are easy to use. One weight is inserted into the vagina just like a tampon, and you can move on with your day doing household chores, taking a shower, or getting the kids ready for school. The pelvic floor muscles are used to keep the weight in place. After just 15 minutes of using the vaginal weight, the workout is done for the day. Kegel exercise programs can be time-consuming and difficult to remember to do with a busy schedule. Using the Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise System allows you to multitask: wash you hair and get ready for date night!