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Safe and Gentle

Versatile Use

Long-lasting Comfort

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Find Your Perfect Match

A long-lasting, non-sticky solution for maximum sensation with intimacy

Long-lasting & Ultra-slippery: Few drops for prolonged effectiveness; No need to re-apply!

Safe Ingredients: No parabens or glycerin are non-sticky and minimize irritation.

Waterproof: Works underwater, uninterrupted intimacy.

Ideal for vaginal & anal intercourse: A sensational experience.

  • Bottle of Intimate Rose Eternity Silicone Lubricant with a blurred background of a woman's shoulder.
  • Back label of a bottle of lubricant with text describing usage instructions, warnings, and ingredients.
  • Label for Eternity Silicone Lubricant with usage instructions and ingredients.
  • Lubricant comparison chart for different features and purposes: intimacy, tools, glycerin-free, fragrance-free, FDA cleared.
  • A bottle of Eternity silicone lubricant being dispensed into an open hand.
  • Bottle of Eternity silicone lubricant on a wooden tray with a rolled towel and green leaves.

A safe, comfortable lubricant for use with silicone devices

Safe Ingredients: Free from glycerin, parabens, and petrochemicals. Made in USA and FDA Cleared

Easy to Clean: Non-staining, rinses off effortlessly with water.

Toy and Latex Friendly: Compatible with Intimate Rose products, silicone-based toys, and latex.

Long-lasting Formula: Thick, non-staining, slippery, and doesn’t dry out quickly.

  • A bottle of Intimate Rose Serenity water-based lubricant with a couple embracing.
  • Bottle of Intimate Rose Serenity Water-Based Lubricant with blue label showcasing instructions and ingredients.
  • 'Label for Serenity Water-Based Lubricant, detailing ingredients, use, and instructions.'
  • Comparison chart of lubricants: Velvet Rose, Serenity, and Eternity, showing uses and features.
  • A bottle of Serenity intimate lubricant on a nightstand next to greenery and an alarm clock.
  • Colorful pelvic dilators on a white towel with a bottle of lubricant beside them.
  • Bottle of 'Velvet Rose' personal lubricant with a purple rose image on the label.
  • Plastic bottle with purple label displaying text and instructions for a water-based product.
  • Label for water-based personal lubricant with ingredients and usage instructions.
  • Chart comparing different types of lubricants based on specific use cases and ingredients.
  • Woman recommending a probiotic supplement with product image and quality assurance badges.
  • Woman smiling beside a bottle of 'Velvet Rose' water-based personal lubricant.

A safe and effective solution to vaginal dryness

Silky Smooth, Fragrance-Free, Safe Water-Based Formula

Perfect with Dilators, Kegel Weights, & our patented Pelvic Wands

Toy and Latex Friendly: Compatible with silicone-based toys and latex.

FDA Cleared & Made In the USA

Bundle Any Two Lubricants and Save 20% On Each

Comparison of three lubricants: Serenity, Velvet Rose, and Eternity with their respective features.

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Any Questions? We’re Here to Help

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