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Step into a new era of confidence and well-being with our ultimate bundle for vaginal health to promote better digestion, pH balance, targeting both odor and discomfort with precision.

Restore and maintain optimal

pH balance effortlessly

Prevent common issues like yeast infections
and BV

Detect Elevation in vaginal pH
quickly and easily

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Cleared my BV in just a week after struggling with it for over a year :) I am so grateful for this product and DEFINITELY recommend !

Lauren W. [Verified Buyer]

“SO GLAD I tried this!”

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Sarah S.


The unique combination of pre and probiotics is formulated for women to promote better digestion, pH balance, and support for urinary tract infections.

Supports vaginal pH for odors and infection caused by BV

Supports digestion with a prebiotic and probiotic blend

Urinary tract support

Safe for pregnancy & breastfeeding


Boric Balance can help restore freshness and quickly help your body ward off yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. Insert with the included applicators. Unlike cream or gel, this is a better alternative when you want to stay dry.

Rapid Relief: improvement in 24 hours

Expert Formulation by Dr. Amanda Olson

User-Friendly: 7 smooth applicators included


Is pH balance the problem? Our Vaginal pH Test Strips are the answer.  Intimate Rose bundles multiple products to provide comprehensive support for vaginal health. Our ultimate product bundle is specially designed to maintain gut health, vaginal pH, and address odor, and irritation.


The daily Probiotic promotes optimal pH balance

The Boric Balance helps prevent common issues
such as yeast infections and BV

Be proactive with pH Test Strips as the first step toward
early detection and support for BV

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Finally: Vaginal Health Support From a Doctor Who Gets It

Still have questions? Every purchase comes with email access to our resident pelvic health expert, Dr. Amanda Olson, so you can feel confident and get personalized answers from a real healthcare professional.

Plus: you'll get access to our private support community, where you can connect & share (anonymously, if you prefer) with hundreds of others on similar health journeys.

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Any Questions? We’re Here to Help

Any Questions? We’re Here to Help

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How do we know this works? Because we've been there.

Our products are designed by Dr. Amanda Olson, a pelvic floor therapist who has personally navigated similar challenges. She has crafted these solutions to be of the highest quality, widely recommended by women's health professionals all over the world. More than just products, we ensure you have the right training and support for your entire journey. 

Why Intimate Rose Vaginal Health Solutions?

Crafted for Peace of Mind

Intimate Rose products are BPA-Free, and used in Academy of Pelvic Health Training Courses, ensuring their effectiveness and reliability.

Training and Support for Life

We offer exceptional customer support led by Dr. Amanda Olson and access to our private community of people just like you for shared experiences. You're never alone.

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This life-changing investment comes with our no-risk 30 day guarantee, ensuring your complete satisfaction with every purchase.