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Perineal massage during pregnancy eases discomfort and reduces tear risk during labor. 

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• Ideal for perineal massage to help stretch and prepare for labor, reducing the risk for tearing, especially for first-time moms! 

• Perfect for postpartum care, to massage tender and tight scar tissue 

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• Designed by a pelvic floor therapist who was first a patient

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Why Perineal Massages
for Birth Prep?

The Intimate Rose Perineal Massage Wand can be used to gently massage and mobilize the soft tissue to prepare for birth. The great news is that the vibrating perineal massage wand can also be used after childbirth, after clearance by a medical provider, to reduce any soreness and help you return to physical activity or intercourse.

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I wish I had bought this sooner. Dealing with pelvic floor issues since my last pregnancy, I found relief with this product. It targets tight posterior muscles, instantly relieving pain in my right hip, buttock, and lower back. It also increased my awareness of muscle issues caused by posture. If you're struggling with a hyperactive pelvic floor, don't hesitate to get this! --Gi

I am a retired Rehab Nurse of 20+ years. I had never heard of internal therapy or worked with these muscles. I can now provide my own therapy with this miracle wand.  For any woman with pelvic pain (including before, during, after pregnancy), I strongly encourage you to investigate a referral to such a specialist. It gave me back my life.  --Debi

Highly recommend. I’m a physical therapist who also sees a pelvic floor PT for postpartum recovery after three children. This has really helped with my scar tissue and tender pelvic floor muscles.  --Nicole

Prep with the best

  • HSA Approved

  • Shaped to reach both superficial and deep pelvic floor muscles

  • Exclusive, patented design by a pelvic physical therapist

  • Perfect for birth prep and post-natal care!

free + discreet shipping on orders $45+

Benefits of Perineal Massages Before Giving Birth

Engaging in daily perineal massages during the final trimester of pregnancy has been shown to lower the chances of perineal tearing during childbirth and diminish the necessity for an episiotomy, leading to:

  • Less pain and faster delivery

  • Less perineal tears due to stretching during delivery

  • Quicker recovery

Using a Perineal Massage Tool can be particularly helpful for providing those extra few inches of reach, especially if accessing your perineum becomes challenging during the third trimester.

Performing perineal massage regularly, ideally daily or at least three to four times a week, tends to enhance its benefits!

Pro Tips for a Perineal Massage Wand

Perineal massage is just one way the wand can help during pregnancy, so we've included more information below. Baby here? Are things a little different down there? Not to worry, you are not alone. We have some great resources for you below to help you find yourself again!



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