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At Intimate Rose, we are dedicated to continually enhancing our operations, driven by a shared commitment to a sustainable future. We tirelessly evaluate our environmental impact across the board, seeking innovative ways to improve and inspire positive change. From optimizing our packaging and communications to revolutionizing our manufacturing and warehouse operations, every step we take is a stride towards a greener tomorrow. Together, let's pave the way towards a more sustainable world.


We take climate control seriously. We are proud to offer Carbon Neutral Products whenever possible. Currently the following Intimate Rose products are Carbon Neutral Products: Pelvic Wands, Rectal Dilators, Vaginal Dilators, Kegel Weights, Inositol Supplements, Flora Bloom Probiotics, Vitex Chasteberry Supplements, Boric Acid Supplement, Aloe Vera Caplets.


Where possible, we avoid and reduce our CO2 emissions. Together with ClimatePartner, we have measured the carbon emissions that occur during the manufacture of our products above through raw materials, packaging, logistics and disposal: this is known as the Product Carbon Footprint.

Intimate Rose Climate Friendly ProductsCarbon offset through a certified project
We offset all unavoidable CO2 emissions from the products above by supporting a carbon offset project. As a result of this, the products are certified carbon neutral. Carbon offset projects save CO2 emissions - for example, through reforestation or the replacement of harmful technologies with climate-friendly alternatives. More information about our carbon offset project can be found at

The label “carbon neutral”

We mark our products with the independent label “carbon neutral” and consequently enable our customers to understand how the product has become carbon neutral and learn more about the carbon offset project. This label therefore provides our customers with full transparency regarding the carbon neutrality of our products.

Our carbon offset project
To compensate for our CO2 emissions, we support a recognized carbon offset project certified according to international standards. Further information can be found at 

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