Welcome CSM 2021 Participants!

A message from Amanda Olson, President

Every year we're excited to participate at CSM and show you what's new at Intimate Rose.

We miss reconnecting with our old friends and meeting new friends, but even though the experience must be online, we still look forward to supporting you and pelvic health as a whole.

In addition to being a participant in CSM, Intimate Rose is proud to sponsor the Academy of Pelvic Health's $10,000 Research Grant. Our mission is to improve pelvic health world wide and we know that better care starts with better understanding through research.

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Intimate Rose 2021 Scholarship Program

Intimate Rose is committed to helping pelvic health grow by offering scholarships to passionate students of all ages who want to increase their skills to serve.

To begin we will be offering scholarships to Pelvic Health Level 2 through the Academy of Pelvic Health.

Help us get the word out by telling your friends and colleagues who have taken (or are planning to take) Pelvic Health 1 to apply by clicking the button below.