Aloe Vera Supplement - Limited Time Offer

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We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our Aloe Vera + D-Mannose supplement. When the Intimate Rose team first imagined this product, we set out to create a powerful, healing formula to promote urinary and bladder health. We carefully selected and sourced the highest quality ingredients and can’t wait to share them with you.

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Aloe Vera Supplement - Limited Time Offer
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What Makes Our Aloe Vera Supplement Different?

We only use freeze-dried aloe vera in our supplements – this allows our formula to maintain its purity and strength. We maximize the healing properties of our supplement blend by adding in D-Mannose. This addition helps to flush out UTI-causing bacteria.

1 mg of Intimate Rose Aloe Vera is equal to 200 mg of other aloe vera products. Our super-strength formula is certified organic by Mayacert and packs 1800 mg per serving.

In studies, Aloe Vera Supplements have been shown to reduce bladder pain, urinary frequency, urgency and burning by up to 92%.

We didn’t forget the calcium! The addition of calcium helps to balance pH levels, providing the ideal environment for the aloe vera to thrive.