“I’ve had zero accidents in the last 2 weeks! Amazing results.” -Debra O.

“I’ve had zero accidents in the last 2 weeks!" -Debra O.

5 Myths That Will Completely Change The Way You Think About Kegels

Myth 1

Embarrassing Leaks Only Happen to Older Folks

The truth: people of ALL ages deal with bladder leaks when they sneeze/laugh/jump, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of! The primary culprit? Weak pelvic muscles that don’t allow full closure of the urethra, which can develop for a vast variety of reasons across a wide range of ages.

In short: it’s common! But it doesn’t have to be your new normal.

Myth 2

Lack of sensation during intimacy is just part of aging

Dulled or no sensation may be another symptom of – you guessed it – weakened pelvic muscles. Frustrating? Sure. Inevitable? Absolutely not!

You deserve enjoyment & satisfaction in intimacy, and the good news is that you can retrain your body to get there – no matter your age or current level of fitness.

Myth 3

I keep hearing people say "Kegel exercises are NOT the answer" … so it must be true.

Actually, if your problems center around weakened muscles (think incontinence, recovery from childbirth, or even pelvic organ prolapse), then odds are Kegels are the best place to start to improve your symptoms!

Myth 4

Kegels are so simple that you can do them mindlessly & still see results

The truth: It’s possible (and fairly common) to do Kegels incorrectly! An effective Kegel requires the correct muscle movements and activation of the pelvic floor … while “bearing down” - or even just overdoing it - may actually reinforce the opposite of the intended muscle function.

The last thing you want to do? Make your pelvic symptoms worse when you’re trying to make them better.

Myth 5

If form is so important, then you must need fancy tech feedback to do Kegels the right way

The truth: Techy gadgets and apps just aren’t necessary to see big results from regular Kegels. There’s plenty of tactile feedback methods – like placing a rolled towel underneath you while doing Kegels – that can help you determine what “correct” feels like!

One of the best tools to ensure you’re doing kegels effectively? Kegel weights. These can be used to progressively build pelvic muscle strength, and the feedback is crystal clear: if the weight doesn’t fall out, you’re doing the Kegel correctly!

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