If you’ve recently had a mastectomy or breast cancer surgery, a mastectomy pillow could be what you’re looking for to add more comfort to your post-surgery recovery.

Highly recommended by previous mastectomy patients, this pillow can be a life-saver during the healing process. But what is a mastectomy pillow exactly? In this article, we’ve outlined how to use a mastectomy pillow and what exactly it does.  

What is a Mastectomy Pillow?

Somewhat different from an everyday pillow, a mastectomy pillow is specially designed to provide comfort to women who have recently undergone breast surgery.

Although readily available online and in some retail stores, mastectomy pillows can differ in shape, size, and design, depending on the brand that you buy. However, they all serve the same purpose. And that is to provide comfort to women following a mastectomy, breast surgery, or breast reconstruction. 

The main objectives of a mastectomy pillow are

  • To provide space between the breasts/ribcage and the underarms. 
  • To keep pressure off delicate surgical incisions and prevent the arms from resting against the chest after surgery.  
  • To provide post-surgery comfort when sitting upright in a chair or when laying in bed sleeping after a mastectomy.  
  • To provide comfort from seatbelts when in a car. 
  • To ensure that surgical incisions are not being strained or pulled. 
  • To protect tender breast tissue when hugging loved ones during recovery. 

How to Use a Mastectomy Pillow

The design and capabilities of mastectomy pillows vary according to each brand. Some, for example, are simple rectangular designs that slip between the side body and underarm to provide comfort when sitting. Others are more functional for moving around and include straps to secure the pillow safely around the body. 

For this article, we will outline how to use the Intimate Rose Mastectomy Pillow.  

Including two adjustable shoulder straps and a waist strap to secure the pillow behind the back for added comfort, the Intimate Rose Mastectomy Pillow is designed to softly hug the body. It also features an inner pocket that holds a gel pack for cold or heat therapy, as well as a front pocket to hold your phone or TV remote while you relax.

How to Wear the Intimate Rose Mastectomy Pillow

  • Before using the pillow, and perhaps before your surgery takes place, ask a caregiver or family member for help adjusting the shoulder and waist straps so that the pillow fits your body comfortably with the center cushion resting softly on your chest. 
  • When ready to wear the pillow, tie the back strap around your waist at the front of your body to avoid raising or stretching your arms after surgery. 
  • Remaining mindful of not moving the arms too quickly, gently and slowly pull the pillow to the front of the body, allowing the waist strap to move to the back of your body. 
  • Slip your arms through the shoulder straps of the mastectomy pillow and gently raise it so the center pillow sits softly on the chest.  
  • Ensure the side pillows are positioned under each arm to provide a protective cushioning between the ribcage and underarm.

The gel pack included in the Intimate Rose Mastectomy Pillow is strategically placed on the inside of the pillow to provide cold or heat therapy during the healing process, and it is easily removed to place in the freezer or microwave. Additionally, each of the three cushions is removable for washing or to find added comfort while laying down or resting on your side.


Designed to protect surgical incisions and provide space between the chest and underarms, a mastectomy pillow ensures comfort and support for breast surgery patients during the recovery process.

For the best healing experience after a mastectomy, purchase your mastectomy pillow in advance of your surgery and use it on the way home to protect surgical incisions from the discomfort of a car seatbelt. 


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