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I'm Amanda Olson from, and I'm a physical therapist specializing in pelvic floor dysfunction.

Here at Intimate Rose, we often get questions like, “Why is it that some days I can hold the weight for 15 minutes with no problem, and some days it's really difficult?”

Maybe you can't hold it for 15 minutes, or maybe it just won't stay put at all.

The reason is the pelvic floor is made of muscles, just like anywhere else on the body, and they become fatigued.

So perhaps one day, you use the weight for 15 minutes and do some of the exercises that are available on And the next day, the muscles are just plain tired.

So with that, one thing that you can do if you're noticing that the weight is particularly difficult that day is you can use a lighter weight, or you can do the Kegels without the weight that day.

Then, you can just look for a pattern in your use.

Perhaps it wasn't that you used the weight the day before, but maybe you had a really active day. Maybe you were lifting a lot of heavy things; maybe you had a hard workout at the gym, or a really active day on your feet, running errands.

All of those things can wear out a pelvic floor when you're trying to get it stronger.

So it's nothing bad, it's not anything harmful; it's just the general nature of muscles.

So be sure to visit YouTube for more informational videos on Intimate Rose weights.

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