In this video,'s Dr. Amanda Olson, certified pelvic floor rehabilitation therapist, demonstrates how to do Kegel exercises from the perspective of a beginner. By definition, a Kegel is a contraction of the pelvic floor muscles up and into the pelvic bowl. The best way to achieve that contraction is to imagine you're trying to shut off the flow of urine and pulling up. In fact, practicing the contraction on the toilet by literally shutting off the flow of urine is an excellent way to practice the movement. However, this shouldn't be used as an extended training method, as this can actually lead to damaging the pelvic floor muscles.

Another way to understand Kegel exercises is to imagine that your urethra is a telescope and that you're using your pelvic floor muscles to pull that telescope up and into your body. You can practice this either lying down on your back or in a seated position, with the latter often a good idea for beginners because the position provides some feedback from sitting in a supportive chair. Once you master this technique, there are ways to make Kegels more challenging, which Dr. Olson will discuss in a separate video.

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