Have you stopped to consider how your life might change, if you take the step towards improving your pelvic health with support from Intimate Rose? For those with pelvic floor weakness, incontinence and urine leakage is often one of the most frustrating and limiting symptoms. For many, exercising with Kegel weights can open the door to regaining freedom and confidence.

Meet Ann. Twenty years after giving birth to her son, she was still suffering the symptoms of weakness in her pelvic floor. Formerly quite active, Ann was forced to give up many of the activities she loved, including running and dancing, due to issues with weakened pelvic floor muscles. Even intimacy with her spouse became an occasion for embarrassment and frustration.

After childbirth everything changed; it became difficult,” says Ann.

But several months ago, things began looking up. At the suggestion of a friend who experienced similar issues, she decided to try Intimate Rose’s Kegel weights. Her expectations were low.

“Three months ago, my best friend called me up, very excited,” says Ann. “She said she’d found something that worked. She said, ‘It’s a Kegel weight system.” I was skeptical. I thought, ‘I’ve spent enough money… but why not try it?’”

To her surprise and delight, using the Kegel weights made a world of difference for Ann after a relatively short period of time.

“It’s been two months that I’ve been using (the Kegel weights) consistently and the results are stunning,” she says. “I have gotten some great results. I can run. Intimacy is better, not embarrassing anymore. I was on the treadmill at my gym for half an hour the other day with no leakage, which was just a miracle for me.”

From skeptic to spokesperson, Ann is thankful for the difference that Intimate Rose’s Kegel weights have made in helping her regain confidence and freedom.

“I’m just very grateful,” says Ann. “I think it’s a very good system. It’s easy to use, it’s inexpensive, and the staff are wonderful. I have had great success with this.”

Take a few minutes to explore whether Intimate Rose’s Kegel Weights might be right for you! We can’t wait to celebrate your success next.

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