Ann's Inspirational Story

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I had my son about 20 years ago; he'll be 20 very soon.

Prior to that, I was very active. I am a runner, was a runner, and I liked to dance.

After childbirth, everything changed.

It became difficult. Well, intimacy with my husband became a little bit embarrassing.

And I could no longer — I wasn’t as active. I couldn't run, for sure.

About three months ago, my best friend called me up, very excited, and said she'd found something that worked, because she has the same problem.

And it was the Intimate Rose system.

She said they’re a Kegel weight system. And I was skeptical; I thought, well, you know, I've spent enough money. But why not try it.

It's been two months that I've been using it consistently, and the results are stunning.

I started with weight number two, and I have progressed up to weight number five. And I have gotten some great results.

I can run. Intimacy is better, not embarrassing anymore.

I was on the treadmill at my gym for half an hour the other day with no leakage, which just was a miracle for me.

So I'm just very grateful.

I think it's a very good system: It's easy to use, it's inexpensive, and the staff are wonderful. They're discrete, they're polite, they're helpful. And delivery was pretty quick.

So yeah. I have great success with this, I do.