In this interactive workshop, Dr. Amanda, a doctor of pelvic health physical therapy and the founder of Intimate Rose, shares her expertise in pelvic health and dilation therapy. Dr. Amanda's journey into pelvic health therapy began with her own personal experience, leading her to create Intimate Rose to empower people of all genders in their pelvic health journeys.

Through Intimate Rose, Dr. Amanda focuses on providing pelvic health tools, including dilators, to support both men and women in sensitive pelvic health matters. She recognizes the gap in education surrounding conditions like MRKH and is dedicated to bridging that gap through education and awareness.

This workshop aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of dilation therapy, pelvic floor therapy, and the role of dilators in pelvic health care. Dr. Amanda emphasizes the importance of empowerment, education, and holistic care, ensuring that participants feel supported and informed in their journey.

Explore the holistic approach of pelvic floor therapy, emphasizing that it's not about "no pain, no gain," but rather about understanding and addressing women needs. By sharing information and fostering a supportive environment, this workshop aims to empower participants to make informed decisions and take control of their pelvic health.

Join this journey of empowerment, education, and support in dilation therapy and pelvic health care!

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