Ladies, we all know that our bodies change drastically and dramatically during pregnancy! What was once familiar territory can become like foreign lands and, as much as you think you know what to expect, nothing prepares you for the reality!

Of course, the end result of all these changes is the baby you will love like you have never loved anything else in your life. And that is a good thing!

But, the fact is, pregnancy does a number on our bodies.

How Pregnancy Affects the Pelvic Floor

One of the biggest changes is to the pelvic floor muscles. The uterus grows as the baby gets bigger which puts stress on our pelvic floor muscles and causes them to weaken.

Weak pelvic floor muscles cause urinary or fecal incontinence and, sometimes, uterine prolapse. It can also make labor and delivery more difficult.

So, it stands to reason, one of the best things a woman can do throughout her pregnancy is to keep her pelvic floor muscles in shape. To begin with, you have to think of them as any other muscle in your body. Use them or lose them! If they don’t get exercised, they become slack and lose tone and strength. Therefore, if you have not already, you definitely want to add pelvic floor strengthening into your pregnancy health routine.

You have probably heard about Kegel exercises as a way to strengthen the pelvic floor and help with incontinence. At one time, they were considered the holy grail of exercises women could do to combat slack pelvic floor muscles and urinary incontinence.

Intimate Rose has found an amazing way to take this one step farther and help women keep their pelvic floor muscles healthy, toned, and ready for labor and delivery! 

They start with a light .9oz weight and allow you to work up through the sizes to a 4.4oz weight. They are very user friendly and allow you to insert them and do your exercises while being active with other things.

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Incorporating Kegels Into Your Pregnancy Routine

There are several benefits to incorporating the Intimate Rose Weights into your pregnancy routine. We know that, after a certain point, the Kegel exercises are not enough...especially with the added pressure and stress a growing baby puts on the bladder.

Weights provide that needed extra step in the workout so pelvic floor muscles can be challenged to become even more toned.

Kegel weights also help women better identify where their pelvic floor muscles are so they know what part of their body to emphasize in their workout. According to Dr. Laura Berman, Sex Therapist and friend of Oprah, Kegel exercises alone often don’t work because women are doing them incorrectly because they can’t correctly identify their Kegel muscles.

You won’t have that problem with Intimate Rose Kegel Weights! This, along with the resistance the weights add, provides a better pelvic floor work out.

Kegel Weights

Regain your confidence in just 15 minutes a day! Tighter and stronger vaginal muscles offer improved bladder control, enhanced intimacy, easier labor and faster childbirth recovery.

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We also know that using Kegel weights goes a long way in keeping the vaginal elasticity in top form. This makes for an easier delivery and recovery. Women are usually concerned with delivery, but often not a lot of thought is put into what recovery is going to be like.

Childbirth recovery is like physical recovery from any other taxing event on the body. The better shape a person is in before, the easier the recovery will be after.

A woman who uses Kegel weights during pregnancy to help keep her pelvic floor muscles in shape and keep the elasticity in her vagina is doing herself a big favor! Her body will recover and bounce back much quicker after childbirth.

Strong pelvic floor muscles are one of those things that women do not appreciate until they need them and realize theirs are out of shape. Then they are faced with difficulties associated with incontinence, prolapse, difficult childbirth delivery, and recovery.

By incorporating Intimate Rose Kegel Weights into your pregnancy routine, you can get your pelvic floor muscles in excellent shape and experience all the benefits they add to your pregnancy and overall health! 

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