Petition For Pelvic Health

Let Your Voice Be Heard - Join The Fight

On 11/15, Amazon will implement a change which categorizes pelvic health therapy tools such as our exclusively patented Pelvic Wands and Kegel Weights as 'adult content'. This will group these tools with sex toys and make them very difficult to find. Dr. Amanda Olson and Intimate Rose are leading the campaign against this change and ask for your support.

What are Dr. Amanda Olson, Dr. Alicia Jeffrey-Thomas and pelvic health customers saying about the Amazon policy change?

Join Dr. Amanda, Dr. Alicia, pelvic health clinicians, and patients around the world in standing up for women's pelvic health and our fight against the Amazon policy change.

How you can help:

Sign our petition to show your support. Maybe you have battled pelvic health conditions yourself, or know someone who has. Chances are you do, 1 in 3 women experience pelvic floor disorder.

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