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Dilator Training Visual

Begin your journey to a more comfortable, fulfilling life with these dilator tips and visual demonstration from @painfree.intimacy. While these tips provide a solid foundation, remember that every person's experience is unique. Some may find it easier to progress during an exhale, while others prefer gentle in-and-out motions or soothing circular movements. For some, focusing on specific pressure points might be the key.

The most crucial tip of all: Listen to your body. Tune in to its signals and understand what it's asking of you.

Navigating dilator therapy can be challenging at times, but maintaining a positive mindset is essential. Offer yourself the gift of self-compassion. You've got this!  

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What are Vaginal Dilators?

Dilators are best to treat restriction at the vaginal opening, and difficulty with any form of penetration such as from pelvic exams, tampons, or sex. Dilators are often ideal for those with vaginismus, scar tissue, or hypertonic muscles. 


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