Intimate Rose Small Dilator Set Sizes 1 to 4 (4 Pack)
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Intimate Rose Small Dilator Set Sizes 1 to 4 (4 Pack)

Intimate Rose Small Dilator Set Sizes 1 to 4 (4 Pack)

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Intimate Rose Vaginal Dilators, the #1 Most Trusted Brand of Silicone Dilators on the market, are FDA-cleared and 100% BPA Free to address symptoms related to vaginismus.

  • MOST COMFORTABLE DILATORS ON EARTH - Smooth to insert yet firm enough to hold shape.  Our small vaginal dilators set includes 4 progressive sizes: 2.8" to 4.5” long and 0.45" to 0.95” wide
  • MADE BY A PELVIC PHYSICAL THERAPIST- Designed in the USA by our Pelvic PT Dr. Amanda. Include online videos & support.
  • USED IN ACADEMY OF PELVIC HEALTH COURSES - The Intimate Rose dilator kit is used to train doctors in physical therapy
  • RELIEF & SUPPORT - Our dilators can be used by men & women.
  • HOLISTIC APPROACH- Perfect with our other women's health products, including our lube & organic balm.
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  • Your Hopeful Journey Starts Here

    For those facing symptoms of Vaginismus such as painful penetration, Intimate Rose's dilator training offers hope.

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    Designed for Ease and Comfort

    Each dilator boasts a smooth, non-stick surface, crafted from medical-grade silicone. Unlike plastic dilators or silicone variants with a sticky finish, these dilators offer a seamless and gentle experience, reducing any discomfort or apprehension.

  • Expertly Crafted for Your Peace of Mind

    Developed by a Pelvic Physical Therapist, Intimate Rose dilators are FDA-cleared silicone dilators, BPA-free, and the chosen tools in Academy of Pelvic Health Training Courses.  You can feel confident in their effectiveness and reliability.

  • Tailored Goal-Oriented Progress

    Our 8-size dilator set is thoughtfully designed to cater to your personal needs and allows for physical and emotional progression at your pace. Created by a doctor with personal experience in dilator training, this set is Infused with empathy and understanding of your journey.

  • Your Partner in Health Empowerment

    Intimate Rose, guided by Dr. Amanda Olson, commits to your health journey. We provide video training with expert and personal insights. You're more than a customer; you're part of a caring community.

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    Excellent Quality

    I've almost made it through the small set. The dilators are soft and smooth, easy to use and feel like excellent quality. Only thing I regret is not getting this sooner. Hoping to see more progress soon. The largest size seems extremely large and unnecessary but might be useful for others. Customer service is prompt and helpful too.


    Verified Buyer

  • Dilators

    My physical therapist recommended the dilators along with the wand for a tight pelvic floor. Three weeks into therapy I’m working my way to the larger ones. They are pretty “life like” and so much better than ridged plastic.


    Verified Buyer

  • Great!

    Very helpful. Once I realized my psychological barriers were the biggest issue and that this process would help correct that I was very intentional about relaxing and trusting in the process. I am quickly progressing thru the dilators.


    Verified Buyer

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The Intimate Rose Dilators are ideal for women experiencing


Symptoms of vaginismus include pelvic pain related to involuntary contractions of the pelvic muscles inside the vagina as well as tender points (or trigger points) in the pelvic floor muscles. The dilator helps to improve the flexibility of the vaginal canal in length and depth for improved comfort during intercourse.

  • Convenient And Discreet Shipping

  • A Detailed Instruction Manual

  • Direct Access To Dr. Amanda Through Private Email

  • Private Online Support Group Access

  • Access To Our Video & Blog Archive

  • Ongoing Inspiration And Insight From Other Real Women Experiencing Similar Issues

  • New Exercise Programs, Product Care And Helpful Tips In Dozens Of Helpful Videos & Articles

  • Special Discounts On Other Intimate Rose Products Or Future Purchases

Word From Dr. Amanda


Women with vaginismus know how important it is to have the smoothest experience when using a vaginal dilator. Unlike the uncomfortable plastic dilators or other sticky silicone dilators, Intimate Rose uses a proprietary finishing process to give the silicone in our vaginal dilators a velvety smooth texture while maintaining enough firmness for women to reach their goals.


The Velvet Rose Personal Lubricant is a safe and effective solution to vaginal dryness during intercourse, and for maximum comfort when using Intimate Rose products.


*Note: Not all sizes maybe included with this product. Check product description for details of what's included.

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  • " I really like the soft feel of the dilators and the pelvic wand, which I think most of my patients will like. They don’t have a sticky feeling like some of the other silicone dilators I have seen."

    Shannon P


  • "I've been recommending the dilators and pelvic wand to my patients. The silicone makes them more comfortable, easier to use, and has improved my patient compliance with their home program. I'm grateful to have a great product to recommend!"

    Jill Heath


  • "I always suggest Intimate Rose Dilators and Wands to my patients who have tightness in their pelvic floor tissues. The pelvic wand had truly been a lifesaver to a lot of my patients and they have told me how grateful they are for products like the ones that Intimate Rose have!"

    Steph Ohalek

    PT,DPT Denver, CO 


Dr. Amanda has assembled some really helpful videos for everyone from beginners, to seasoned pro's. Your support after purchase includes best care practices and access to our extensive video archives, featuring videos like these.

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