Unsure about going to Pelvic Floor Therapy?

 Does going to pelvic floor physical therapy make you nervous? We hear this all the time. We get it! But really, it’s no different than treatment for any other muscles that need help stretching and repairing! 

We love how Colleen describes it in the video below. Fitness specialist and kettlebell extraordinaire, she offers up some great insight into her pelvic floor journey and how it has only made life better all around. Our purple pelvic wand even plays a small part 😊 Be sure to follow her for more about her journey on Instagram @iamcolleenconlon





Pelvic Wands

Pelvic Wands

Pelvic wands are often used superficially for perineal massage, introitus stretching, and to reach deeper pelvic floor muscles. They are a great option for anyone suffering from Endo/IC pain, tailbone pain, hypertonic muscles, or deep dyspareunia.

Vaginal Dilators

Dilators are best to treat restriction at the vaginal opening, and difficulty with any form of penetration such as from pelvic exams, tampons, or sex. Dilators are often ideal for those with vaginismus, scar tissue, or hypertonic muscles.   


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