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Proprioceptive Pelvic Floor Training
How to Use Vaginal Dilators
Are Your Patients Doing Kegels Correctly?
The Wand: Indications / Contraindications
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Dr. Amanda is striving to provide support to clinicians as well as patients through the new APTA course she designed.
Solutions & Support
Millions of women can now be empowered to break free from the issues that prevent them from doing what they love. Dr. Amanda has brought out into the open topics that are real and require life changing solutions and support.
Intimate Rose Continuing Education Courses

Pelvic Floor Implications for the Running Athlete by Dr. Amanda
Course Description: Pelvic floor dysfunction can be both a cause and a product of mechanical issues leading to pain or impaired movement. By nature, running is a complex biomechanical process which is often correlated with a co-morbidity of pelvic floor dysfunction. Runners have unique physical, nutritional, and psychological needs that require special attention from pelvic floor physical therapists. Additionally, runners often present to orthopedic specialists with knee and hip injuries that do not clear up due to the presence of pelvic floor impairments that can be overlooked during typical orthopedic assessment. Pelvic floor practitioners can uniquely provide necessary physical therapy treatment to address issues for runners.