Relief from vaginal pain, improving overall sexual health.
By Dr. Amanda Olson, DPT, PRPC

Dilator Therapy Can Help Treat the Following Issues:

⦁    Pain with Sex
⦁    Vaginismus
⦁    Vaginal Stenosis
⦁    Vulvodynia
⦁    Vaginitis
⦁    Endometriosis
⦁    Chronic Pelvic Pain
⦁    Gender Affirming Surgery

Imagine feeling relief from vaginal pain, improving overall sexual health and being able to do the things you want:

⦁    Enjoy Sex
⦁    Be able to use a tampon
⦁    Be able to tolerate a medical exam if needed
⦁    Feel less pain during daily activities

Keys to Successful Vaginal Training for Vaginismus and Vaginal Pain

Vaginismus treatment includes the use of trainers while learning to relax the pelvic floor muscles. To decrease pain with vaginal penetration, the keys to success are consistency and routine practice. 

Your health care provider may have a unique training plan for you outside of the recommendations made here. Always consult with a health care provider before starting a new training plan.