Video: Kegel Exercises For Runners, Crossfit, Weightlifting - Do You Pee When You Exercise?

April 03, 2017 2 Comments


Do you pee when you play sports or lift weights or run or do crossfit? This video is for you. Learn from Certified Pelvic Rehabilitation Physical Therapist, Amanda Olson, about why this happens and how you can fix it with Kegel Exercises and Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise Weights.



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July 13, 2018

Please, the physiotherapist shows the clitoris and call it urethra in different videos! That certainly affects the credibility of the videos and the lifts. I was super pleased with my buy, but that mistake is too rude, and/or perhaps too conservative.


October 18, 2017

You probably have no comments because you require an email address to post, but you don’t state that the email address won’t be seen by viewers/readers. I don’t think anyone would post comments about something this private if their email address is posted with the comment. Your product is worth 5 stars.

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