Women's Health

Guide to Pelvic Floor Release With Exercises

Conditions of chronic pelvic pain are often caused by tightness in the pelvic floor. As many as one in seven people suffer from chronic pelvic pain, often spending years trying to receive a proper explanation and diagnosis for their pain....

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Vulvectomy Surgery: Treatment and Tips for Healing

Vulvectomy is a gynecological surgery technique involving partial or complete removal of the right, the left, or both areas of the vulva. This procedure is usually utilized as a means of treatment for cancer of...

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Why Sex Can Be Painful After Menopause

Painful Sex With Menopause: Why It Happens And How To Fix It Menopause is the natural transition in women from a period of fertility to the conclusion of ovulation and menstruation. Menopausal changes include a shift in...

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