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How To Use Vaginal Weights for Urinary Incontinence


Even though many women leak a little when they laugh, there is nothing funny or enjoyable about urinary stress incontinence. When a woman’s pelvic floor muscles become weak, usually during or after pregnancy or as a result of normal aging,...




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Low back pain and pregnancy

   Some sources suggest as many as 90% of women experience some low back pain with pregnancy – but just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s natural or necessary. Back pain is more likely as pregnancy progresses, starting between the...

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Get Dry This Summer!

Summertime brings lighter clothing, and this can mean anxiety and lowered participation in activities that bring joy if you are experiencing bladder leakage. Bulky pads and fear of leaking during gardening, chasing children, outdoor walks, and swimming can leave you...

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Vagina Tightening Exercises

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 If you find yourself wondering why you pee when you laugh, or why sex is seemingly less enjoyable, you aren’t alone! If you have had a baby, or lift heavy weights, you have most likely damaged your pelvic floor muscles....

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Why You Pee When Working Out & How to Stop Urinary Leakage During Exercise

      If you leak urine while jumping, lifting, throwing, or running, then you are experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction. Urinary...

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5 Exercises To Prevent Leakage While Being Active

Some women conduct their daily activities, household, and work tasks never worrying about bladder leakage… Until it’s time for exercise… If the thought of going for a run or attending an aerobics class has you crossing your legs and breaking...

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