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What is the best Probiotic for vaginal health?

Probiotics and Vaginal Health Women have unique needs pertaining to urological and gynecological health and digestion. Fluctuating hormones affect digestion and bowel movements, and a short urethra presents challenges when it comes to maintaining healthy urinary health....

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Breastfeeding and Probiotics


The last several years have brought about amazing new insights into the infant microbiome – the microorganisms that make up baby’s body, especially his gut. The gut is the home of the immune system, and a good start as an...

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Probiotics and Digestion  Do you find yourself bloated, gassy or constipated every so often? It can be bothersome if you cannot move your bowel as regularly as you need to. This can result in bloating and not only does it...

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Why Vaginal Steaming is a Bad Idea... And How To Address Vaginal Flora

What is Vaginal Steaming and Why Is It On The Rise? Vaginal douching disintegrated into a relic of the past, joining shag carpeting and fuzzy dice hanging from rear-view windows….Until it made a comeback. Thanks in...

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Ladies, We Need to Talk About GBS (Group B Streptococcus) and Pregnancy

It is sometimes hard to believe that in the western world with all its modern medical technology, we still experience infant mortality. We can now check the fetus when it is just a few weeks old, follow it throughout the...

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