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Why Does Sex Hurt After Giving Birth?

Women who give birth both vaginally and via cesarean section (c-section) are often alarmed to experience pain with sex after having a baby. It is understandable that injuries to the skin and pelvic floor muscles due to vaginal delivery may...

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7 Benefits of Kegel Exercises for Women

Kegel exercises have become a part of mainstream conversation among women, however many women are still unsure what a Kegel is exactly. Additionally, many are unaware of the many benefits that Kegel for women can have on overall health and...

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How To Use Vaginal Weights for Urinary Incontinence


Even though many women leak a little when they laugh, there is nothing funny or enjoyable about urinary stress incontinence. When a woman’s pelvic floor muscles become weak, usually during or after pregnancy or as a result of normal aging,...

To start, Intimate Rose Vaginal Kegel Weights are doctor recommended. Thousands of women have used the Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise System and gained significant pelvic floor strength. Intimate Rose has success stories



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Childbirth and Your Perineum

Every pregnant mom knows the baby has to come out somehow – and the majority of the time, babies are born vaginally. In childbirth classes, women and partners learn about breathing and...

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Improve Postpartum Recovery by Protecting Your Pelvic Floor

The second stage of labor – the period between when your cervix is fully dilated and when the baby is born – is a physically demanding, mentally challenging, ultimately rewarding experience. This is the time when your body begins to...

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What you need to know about exercise in your 20's, 30's, 40's, and beyond

Keeping fit – no matter what your age – is important for your body and your mind. Experts recommend healthy adults get 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day – more if you’re trying to lose weight. You should be...

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