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What is the best Probiotic for vaginal health?

Probiotics and Vaginal Health

Women have unique needs pertaining to urological and gynecological health and digestion. Fluctuating hormones affect digestion and bowel movements, and a short urethra presents challenges when it comes to maintaining healthy urinary health. Many women experience frequent urinary tract infections (UTI’s), vaginal itching, yeast infections, and digestive issues. This is also an effective probiotic for feminine odor, and a probiotic specifically designed to address the flora or “good bacteria” in the digestive tract and urinary tract can help combat these issues.


Feminine Probiotics Safe for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Are probiotics safe during pregnancy? Flora Bloom Probiotic is a doctor recommended, safe during pregnancy and breast-feeding, and effective. It contains probiotic strains that are effective for reducing the risk of Group B streptococcus, (GBS), making it the best probiotic for pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers. That's why we believe it's one of the best probiotics for vaginal health.

How Do Probiotics for Women Work?

What happens after you take your probiotic? Do you know where the good nutrients are deposited? Are you sure that they are making it into the section of the digestive tract that they are needed in? Often we don’t pause to consider whether or not we are getting the benefits that the label on our probiotic bottle claims, costing us more money with less health payoff in the long run.


 Vaginal Health Probiotic


New technology has lead to the creation of a new capsule to ensure that your probiotics reach your digestive health to help you feel better and get more for your money. The new vegetarian, plant-based capsule has a delayed release to protect the probiotic ingredients to ensure that it survives the acidity in the stomach in order to reach the intestines and vaginal canal, where it belongs! The innovative capsule targets release after an extended time period, protecting ingredients from degradation in the stomach. This results in the Flora Bloom capsule disintegrating 45 minutes later than most capsules- about 10 times later than average products! The delayed release allows Flora Bloom to reach the intestines for delivery, rather than releasing all of the probiotic only in the stomach itself.


Floor Bloom Women's Health Probiotic


Flora Bloom’s new game changing capsule has special release properties to deliver the right amount of probiotic to the digestive tract. That means that the great formula for improved digestion, decreased vaginal odor, improved resistance against group B streptococcus is more effective than ever to help you regulate your vaginal pH and digestive health.

The Best Plant-Based Probiotic for Vaginal Health 

Feminine Probiotic


With many probiotics on the market it can be challenging to know which products will actually help and provide the results that they claim. Flora Bloom was designed by pharmacists with the female body in mind to deliver results where they are most needed.


Intimate Rose Flora Bloom


This women’s health probiotic will deliver the probiotics you need all the way through the body for the best results. It is safe while pregnant and breastfeedingand comes with a complete satisfaction guarantee.

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ByDr. Amanda Olson,DPT, PRPC