The Best Kegel Exercise Weights

July 01, 2015

best kegel exercise weights


It is finally here, the gold standard in kegel exercising.  The Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise System was built with one focus in mind: Every woman is different.  So many pelvic floor weights out there try to box women into adjusting to the system, but our system adjusts to you.

The Intimate Rose Kegel System

Adult women of all ages rave about our vaginal weights & exercise system. Many are recovering from childbirth and trying to feel like their old self again. Others need to get stronger to hold back those embarrassing leaks when they sneeze. Still others just want to have a tighter and more gratifying experience in the bedroom.

Starting at 25 grams and working up to 95 grams, our weights progress with you.  Start with the lightest weight and see if you can hold it for two minutes while standing and moving around.  

If you can, move up to the next darker shade.  As these rose petal weights get darker, they get heavier and provide an incremental challenge. 

Many of our customers like to add these weights to their morning routine.  Wake up and insert your challenging, yet comfortable, weight and go about your morning ritual.  

Fifteen minutes later, you can take the weight out and give it a quick wash before putting it back in the convenient pink case for tomorrow.  Consistency and progressive resistance is the key.

Looking for a tighter and more pleasurable sexual experience and better bladder control?  Look no further than



    The Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise Weights Are Doctor Recommended!

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